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Routine STI Testing

Whether you’re looking to enter a new relationship, want to ensure that you’re safe from a recent encounter or are simply looking for peace of mind, our routine check is right for you (with results on the same day).


Award winning clinic


Results in 3 hours


In-clinic treatment available

Please note that extra charges apply


Discreet & confidential service

Results in 3 hours

Infections tested

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhoea
  • HIV (1&2)
  • Syphilis

Physical examination included
(where appropriate)

Window period

We recommend waiting 45 days before coming for your routine check. Testing earlier than this could lead to a false negative result.

For earlier detection >

Male samples

  • Urine (hold for two hours)
  • Blood from the vein
  • +/- Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea throat/rectal swab

Female samples

  • Vaginal swab (can be self-taken)
  • Blood from the vein
  • +/- Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea throat/rectal swab

Price: £200 (does not include the cost of treatments)

Enhance your routine check

We will be able to discuss with you if you may need any of the following in your appointment. If appropriate, we will also be able to offer it to you in the same appointment.

Throat/Rectal swab for Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea

Infection in the throat

Although Chlamydia is primarily a genital infection, it can infect other mucous membranes in the body including the back of throat (pharyngitis). Throat infection with chlamydia is common in both heterosexual women and gay men, and is an important source of onward transmission as many people think that oral sex is low-risk. This is less common in heterosexual men.

Most patients with throat infection due to chlamydia will have no symptoms, but those who do may complain of something as non-specific as “not feeling right in the throat” to discomfort and pain in the throat.

Infection in the rectum
Chlamydia infection in the back passage can be seen in those who have receptive anal sex. However sometimes chlamydia infection can be present in the back passage in the women who have not had any anal sex. This can be due to vaginal discharge infected with chlamydia, contaminating the anal area.

Most patients with anal or rectal chlamydia may have no symptoms or some irritation or itching in the back passage. Mucoid or slimy or blood-stained discharge from the back passage is seen in those with more severe infection.

LGV (Lymphogranuloma venereum) is a special type of chlamydia infection of the back passage. It is seenly more commonly in gay men, especially those who are HIV positive.

Time for results
3 hours

Sample required
Throat swab (taken by the clinician)

Rectal swab (can be self-taken)

Additional cost
Included in the routine check

Hepatitis B & C Testing

These other factors can increase the risk of Hepatitis B/C

  • Your partner is from a country with a high prevalence of Hepatitis B & C
  • You have had unprotected sex with a Commercial Sex Worker (i.e. prostitute)
  • Having other STIs
  • You or your partner is Intravenous Drug User (IVDU) and share needles
  • You or your partner engages in Chemsex

Time for results
3 hours

Sample required
Blood from vein (will be tested from the same sample as your HIV & Syphilis test)

Additional cost

Hepatitis B Vaccine

Hepatitis B is an infection of the liver caused by the hepatitis B virus. It is very infectious (100 times more infectious than HIV) and very easily transmitted through unprotected sex or by sharing needles to inject drugs.

The following people should consider having the hepatitis B vaccination:

  • Men who have sex with men
  • Anyone who has ever injected drugs
  • Anyone who has been paid for sex
  • Anyone who has paid for sex
  • Anyone who has had 9 or more sexual partners within the last 12 months
  • Anyone who has a sexual partner with Hepatitis B infection
  • Anyone who has been sexually assaulted recently


  • Dose 1 – Day 0
  • Dose 2: 1-2 months
  • Dose 3: 4-6 months

Additional cost

HIV PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophylaxis)

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is a course of medicine for HIV negative people to reduce the risk of catching HIV. It is a combination of 2 drugs in the form of a single table. This should be taken before sexual intercourse with another person who may have undiagnosed or untreated HIV infection.

PrEP has been shown to reduce the risk of HIV infection by up to 92% in those who take it properly. However, PrEP does not protect against other STIs and therefore, should be used in combination with other preventive interventions.

1 tablet/daily

Additional cost
£60/months’ supply

High Risk HPV DNA Testing (by sub-type)

Patients may like to know their HPV status in the following situations:

  • Those who are concerned about being HPV carriers (no symptoms, possible warts contact, abnormal smears in the partner)
  • Those who have non-specific lesions but worried about HPV/warts (reassurance and helps in resuming / rebuilding relationships)
  • Those who have suspected/confirmed genital warts but would like to know their HPV status
  • Partners of those who have suspected/confirmed genital warts but would like to know the types of HPV they have.
  • Those who have had abnormal smear test results

In place of cervical screening (High Risk HPV screen preferred over the cervical smear).

High risk HPV types tested
16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59, 66 and 68

Time for results
2-3 weeks

Sample in men
Sub-preputial swab (or glans penis)

Sample in women
High vaginal swab +/- throat/anal swab

Additional cost
£150 (£200 when taken alone)

HPV Vaccine

The HPV vaccine is designed to protect against the development of cervical, vaginal, vulval, anal, throat and penile cancers caused by High-Risk HPV DNA types.
HPV types vaccinated against
6, 11, 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52, and 58

Dosage timeline (taken within 24 months):
Dose 1: Any time
Dose 2: 1-3 months after 1st dose
Dose 3: 6 months after 2nd dose

Additional cost
£170/dose (total of 3 doses)

How does the process work?

Discuss your concerns

We will begin by understanding your risks and discussing any concerns you may have.

Process your samples

After agreeing on the right tests, we will collect & process your samples.

Treat positive results

If you test positive, we can offer you treatment on the same day and answer any questions.

Follow up call (optional)

In the event of any additional questions, we can arrange a follow up call with one of our clinicians.

A little on treatment

There is nothing to worry about.

We have the expertise to deal with an extensive range of infections & offering you the support in moving on.

Chlamydia Treatment

Oral tablets. Avoid sex for 7 days. Notify your partners.

Gonorrhoea Treatment

Intra-muscular injection. Avoid sex for 7 days. Re-test in 2 weeks. Notify your partners.

Syphilis Treatment

1-3 intra-muscular injections (depending on stage of Syphilis).

HIV Treatment

Referral to the NHS for management of HIV. There is nothing to worry about.

Never thought I’d be molluscum free and thought it would take years as the nhs was no help however Clare we’ll have been a amazing throughout the journey and after just one treatment after 10 weeks of healing I’m finally molluscum free 👋 best of the best so friendly and make you so welcome
Amazing experience with Dr Manoj, super attentive, answered all my fertility questions and was the smoothest implant removal I've ever had! Thank you!
I had a hyfrecation procedure on a bump on my foot done by Julie. Julie was so friendly & bubbly and put me straight at ease! She made sure I was not in discomfort and the session wasn't rushed. I'd highly recommend a consultation & treatment with her. The clinic is a lovely and welcoming environment too. 5*
Great practice amazing staff, made to feel very comfortable and will highly recommend.Julie was brilliant made me feel very comfortable I felt totally at ease, strangely like visiting a friend.
This was my first ever copper coil fitting and having heard some horror stories I was quite nervous and wanted to find a place with good reviews and pain reduction options. It is worth the effort/upfront cost getting an IUD and also worth finding a place like Clarewell that validates and cares about minimising women’s pain. At all times I felt informed about the procedure and was offered all the pain reduction options I wanted and felt in control during the whole procedure. Also very reasonable price compared to other places I looked at. Thank you!
After an horrendous experience with another private company the Birmingham team at Clarewell were outstanding. I called up on late on the afternoon in desperate need of treatment, 2 hours later I was seen and sorted. The receptionist on the day and Dr Manoj Malu are absolute legends. Understanding, highly knowledgeable and above & beyond attitude, I can’t thank them enough!
Had a coil fitting the progress was just a breeze Julie and her assistant were amazing made me feel very relaxed and comfortable had some gas and air too which was great 😃glad i found this clinic worth paying private for the lovely time and service I had.thank you clarewell clinics 😊
I cannot rate this experience highly enough. I had a coil fitting 5 years ago and it was a horrendous experience. I was in pain for a week afterwards. Ever since that day I’ve been counting down the years and days until it needed replacing, dreading the upcoming process. I knew I wanted my refit to be as comfortable and easy as possible and decided to go private for this. Julie and the team greeted me with a big smile and made me feel comfortable and cared for from the first minute. She explained how the process would work and carefully took the time to answer my questions. The other lady in the room (whose name I have unfortunately forgotten because of everything else going on) was THE BEST. She held my hand throughout the process and made me feel comforted.The procedure took about 10 minutes and was 1000 times better than my first experience. I was given numbing gel and gas and air and barely felt a thing. On top of that - recovery has so far been super fast. Last time I was in bed with cramps for a couple of days, this time my cramps have lasted a couple of hours. I am able to go about my working day as usual. It is so important to break the stigma on coils, that the experience has to be painful. Julie and the team prove that having a coil fitting doesn’t have to be a terrible scary and painful process. And for me, I can go about my life for the next five years without having to worry about contraception or excruciating periods. I am so grateful for this experiences and to the amazing team. I will never forget this experience <3
Got my implant removed, the receptionist was so welcoming and bubbly. Dr. Manjo was so good with the procudure I had felt zero pain. Gave me an appointment on the same day and I recommended this place!
Outstanding Dr , l have a huge respect for Dr Malu a true expert in his field, everything was first class.. Thank you again ...
Julie fitted my contraceptive implant. Julie was amazing and she did a great job. There was no pain. Quick and easy. All the staff were kind and friendly.
I went to Julie for a coil fitting today. I wasn't sure what type I wanted and I'd had a very bad experience about 15 years ago with a copper coil.Julie was so kind and understanding, she took the time to explain the different types of coil, was very knowledgeable about the advantages and disadvantages of each and even explained what she thought might have happened to make my last experience so bad.The actual fitting it was almost painless. I was so surprised that I honestly didn't have the words to express my gratitude.I will be going back for my replacement and would recommend the service to anyone who is considering having a coil fitted.As an aside, I was also even offered an appointment the day that I enquired, which was also fantastic for me because I didn't have any time to worry or become anxious!
After researching and reading loads of reviews of clinics. I decided on Clarewel Clinics for my coil removal. I had previously had an awfully traumatic removal experience NHS and to say I was nervous about the removal procedure is an understatement.The receptionist was extremely friendly and pleasant on arrival. I met Julie for the removal who I have to say is AMAZING, she is warm, caring, understanding, calm and patient. Julie explained everything in detail about the removal procedure and took time to listen to my fears. She was extremely reassuring and very understanding. Julie's caring compassionate manner made the whole process so easy. I felt no pain at all during removal, I was so shocked as my prior removal on the NHS had been horrific. I felt quite overwhelmed with relief afterwards and was given a lovely hug from Julie. Although Julie is extremely professional she is so reassuring, approachable and caring which makes the whole process seem less clinical. I 100% recommended Clarewell Clinic and it has to be said JULIE IS THE COIL QUEEN!!!!A huge thank you.
Lovely, clean little clinic in Marylebone. The prices are very reasonable. Quick and easy to get to from Waterloo station on the Bakerloo line. The receptionist Phoebe was so friendly and welcoming, and nurse Aaron was the same. The procedure was well-explained, fast and completely painless. I would definitely come back here and recommend to anyone else struggling to get NHS appointments at the moment.
Can't recommend this practice enough! The whole process from booking an appointment through to walking out the door was a breeze. I had an appointment with Julie who was absolutely lovely, she was so kind and walked me through everything from start to finish and calmed my nerves the whole way through. Their prices are really competitive as well compared to other private practices which is also incredibly helpful. Will definitely be going back in future! Thanks team 🙂
Julie and Jodie are a dream team! Both such lovely ladies and instantly made me feel relaxed and comfortable. Julie took the time to explain and talk me through the coil fitting, and never made me feel rushed or in a hurry. Couldn’t recommend the clinic enough. Thanks ladies!
The receptionist was very friendly and helpful (sorry I didn't catch them names). Doctor Majon Malu was very nice and helpful. Thank you for great service .
Don’t let embarrassment get in the way of being checked. Great place to go staff are lovely and the support was exceptional. Results were in really quickly .
Julie was amazing! She made me feel so relaxed. I had the gas and air and It made me feel so relaxed that I seriously didn’t know she was finished. I highly recommend this place.
Julie is an angel on earth.Very warm welcome,kind,caring ,gentle and informative.I was so nervous coming to the appointment but the coil fitting was so quick and painless.Outstanding serviceWould highly recommended.Oh and you will get a free hug too 😉
Kind and comforting doctors as well as the employees. Especially Dr. Malu, great service! Thank you.
From my initial phone enquiry and booking right through the entire consultation and treatment process to the moment I left the clinic and beyond, I was treated with such wonderful care by the Clarewell team.My consultation and treatment was with Practitioner Aaron Williams, and I would so highly recommend him. I had been unsuccessful with treatments from my GP and local sexual health services in the past and was beginning to lose hope in any solution. Visiting the clinic for hyfrecation was a real investment for me, not only the consultation and procedure but because I travelled down from Scotland especially for the appointment, but I can honestly say it was worth every penny. Everything was dealt with with the upmost respect and discretion and I was made to feel completely at ease and reassured throughout the entire process, leaving feeling as though a weight had been lifted and I could move forward feeling so much more confident than I had done in years.I would also like to make a special mention to Medical Receptionist Astrid because her genuine welcoming and warm personality put me at ease from the moment I arrived at the clinic which made all the difference.Thank you once again to the Clarewell Clinics team, and if you are considering visiting but are feeling apprehensive, I would definitely encourage you to pick up the phone and I’m sure you will have the same positive experience as I did.
Well Julie is a mircal worker! Today I had my copper coil removed and a hormone coil fitted. The first experience of having a coil was an awful one for me and I was terrified of having it changed. Julie made me feel completely relaxed and talked me through the whole process and everything went at the speed I was comfortable with. I couldn't recommend her enough! The whole experience has changed the way I feel about having a coil fitted and would tell anyone to go see Julie if they want any form of contraception fitted. Julie I can't thank you enough xx
I visited Clarewell for my 2nd implant removal and refit. The staff are always friendly and answer emails quickly. Mr Phillip Black did everything perfectly today. He explained the procedure thoroughly and carried out the treatment professionally - with no pain!Thank you again 🙂
Sometime ago I thought I had developed something cancerous and was quite concerned. I went to the local iCash clinic and even though the doctor assured me it is nothing, there were no test results to confirm so.I had worried about this for a long time with uncertainty which naturally affected me in quite some way. Visiting Dr. Manoj in London was a life changing experience. I have met a lot of Doctors in this profession who are polite but Dr. Manoj is by far the politest person I have come across.I have been seen at short notice and generally its due to a an alarming concern that I have which perhaps is not that medically serious.I have been treated twice now through him. Both times the treatment was successful. I know exactly what it was and the fact my immune system just did not get rid of it on its own and needed some help.I hope I do not have to visit him again but I will probably meet up with him for a coffee when our schedules align.I was reading other comments and know from the research that I have done already. He is a GMC recognised doctor and his speciality is well recognised as well. You will have to fill out a form and mention what is wrong with you. He and the other clinicians are private doctors that are not NHS. So you will have to pay for medical services.Also check with your medical insurer beforehand for cover (if you have one). I did not have such a good experience with my insurer following my treatment and have changed mine now. Since we all want to be covered when the time comes rather than enter into protracted discussions and paperwork.He is probably one of the few doctors in United Kingdom who would treat you for things that have bothered you. Its strange to realise this is not common in this day and age. He is quite professional and does not make you feel uncomfortable. We have frequently discussed activities to partake in and other things during treatment.Would I visit him again or recommend him?I certainly will and I hope he grows his clinic to facilitate more patients who go through such matters.
I visit the Birmingham Clinc ! They deserve 6 🌟
I had a coil replaced here by Praveen and I am very happy with the service. He is professional, communicates well and kept me at ease during the whole procedure. Would highly recommend!
I called the London Clinic and got a same day appointment.Excellent Service.Very professional and polite front line staff.Dr Malu was very understanding and a good listener, very professional and put my mind at ease.Dr Malu is very friendly and approachable. I was not rushed throughout my appointment.I highly recommend Clarewell Clinics
Attending for a coil fitting after not being able to get one from my GP due to the backlog from covid. Service was fantastic from start to finish, Julie made me feel really at ease, she didn’t rush me and was very calming and reassuring.
As the wait time for my replacement coil was too long on the NHS I used Clarewell Clinic I can’t recommend enough, as soon as I walked through the door I felt at ease, clear information and not rushed carried out at my own pace. Will definitely use in 5 years time. Thank you so much Julie & Jodie for something so personal and private. Don’t hesitate book an appointment thank you again
Thank you so much to Julie and Jennifer for my IUD replacement. I was apprehensive going into the appointment because my last IUD fitting experience was ghastly, but between Julie's detailed preamble, her efficient yet gentle touch, Jennifer's riveting conversation, and the giggles that punctuated the short procedure, whatever discomfort I brought into the room quickly dissipated. The space is incredibly well-maintained, easy to find, and (bonus) heated to a perfect 21ish degrees. I would recommend Clarewell Clinics to anyone looking for a professional, approachable environment. Thank you again!
I came to the clinic with my partner as she was nervous and having a copper coil fitted. Neither of us really knew what to expect.From the start the staff were brilliant and really welcoming and put her at ease. She had Julie perform the procedure, who was absolutely amazing. Extremely suprised how good the service was. Even the price for what she got was brilliant. Couldn't have asked for more and I would recommend to anyone.
Fantastic service such bubbly and lovely people. My girlfriend had her implant out and they were great gave us lot's of advice and made her feel comfortable throughout.
Came here based on recommendation. Julie and Jodie were amazing and made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Service exceeded my expectations by far and I’d happily recommend to everyone! Thank you
Really lovely ladies, very professional and helpful. I can recommend this place in 100%!
5* absolutely fantastic. I was nervous going to get my coil removed but Aaron was brilliant from start to finish. He was very professional, caring and completely put me at ease. He skillfully removed the coil (which had short threads and not easily visible) and then answered all my questions. I chose clarewell due to their clear pricing of services, and availability of appointments. Highly recommend. Thanks Aaron
Attended for a coil fitting as local GP not providing the service due to Covid. Both Julie and Jodie were very friendly and made the process easy, relaxed and worry free. Two methods of local anaesthetic used made it a very comfortable process and everything was done with my comfort in mind. I would highly recommend them.
Amazing staff, so understanding and happy to help in any way they can. Would highly recommend.
I visited the clinic to have my coil removed. I had a bad experience when I had it fitted in another clinic and was nervous but Julie made me feel so comfortable and put me at ease. She was very professional and was very informative about my options for contraception in the future. I would definitely recommend this clinic and would return here for any needs in the future.
I have visited this clinic on 2 occasions now. The service is 5 star. Julie saw me last week, and made me feel completely at ease, calm, and reassured me. I have never felt in such safe hands. Julie gave me all the time I needed, no rush. The appointment was all about making me feel comfortable. I cannot recommend enough. I look forward to visiting the Clarewell Clinic Team again.
From start to finish the entire experience was very warm and inviting. The receptionist was extremely friendly and kind, offering us something to drink or eat while we waited. She was lovely to talk to and made the encounter a lot less stressful. Dr Manoj Malu was my doctor who went above and beyond to first ensure comfort in me. He was very sympathetic, offered me many options in the progress of the procedure and most importantly, executed the procedure perfectly. He is a fantastic doctor and I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone with any doubts on its capabilities.
Having been passed from pillar to post trying to get the treatment I needed via the NHS, I was close to the end of my tether when I discovered Clarewell.I have a hormonal iud to treat adenomyosis and, when I needed HRT, I couldn’t get very far with my GP without getting that iud replaced.Unfortunately, getting an appointment with the NHS proved nigh on impossible - and the barriers against those who need the treatment for a medical condition, as opposed to contraception, make things even more frustrating.The Clarewell team were reassuring, kind, compassionate and did everything they could to make my treatment as comfortable and painless as possible.Compared to previous experiences, this was a walk in the park.I’m lucky. I was able to pay for this private treatment when I needed it, and I know thousands of women do not have this advantage. Something needs to change! It’s ridiculous that people are not able to get the treatment they need for a painful and sometimes debilitating condition.If you ARE struggling and have taken the decision to pay for this kind of treatment, my advice would be to shop around and, if there’s a treatment centre close enough to you, please do consider Clarewell. The care and expertise I enjoyed here was second to none AND the treatment was less than half the price I’d been quoted locally.Julie and Jodie, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU. You make THE most amazing team and I will be forever grateful that I found you.
I visited the London clinic. The premises is very clean and pleasant. The office manager is a lovely young lady that welcomes you.My son was seen by Dr Manoj K Malu. He was very pleasant, considerate and offered a spectrum of solutions. The procedure was safe and fast and the end results were perfect. I would howl heartedly recommend the clinic. They freed my son of a problem that weighed down on him for years. I am very grateful. Thank you!
Excellent service. Really friendly, kind and considerate. I got an appointment really quickly and everything was dealt with with a high level of care
I had an initial consultation with Julie today as I was sick of GPs not giving me enough time. Both ladies made me feel so comfortable from the moment I got there, and Julie really spent time with me listening to my problems and helping me come to a conclusion I was happy with, even managed to fit me in same day to have my coil fitted. It’s the first time I’ve ever had anything like done and they both put me and ease and talked me through everything that was going on. I was worried about the pain, and although it wasn’t comfortable they both helped me every step and even gave me a bottle of water and a flapjack after. Couldn’t recommend this clinic enough, if you need advice this is the place to go.
I had the best experience having my coil/iud fitted here (first time) Julie & the team made me feel so comfortable and relaxed, I couldn’t recommend enough! I had no pain or discomfort during the procedure, Julie is the best!
A very comforting and friendly clinic for implant removal. Highly recommended
Wonderful place. So friendly, professional and genuinely caring. Would 100% recommend.
I thought pain, fear, and tears were a standard part of smear tests and coil fittings. But I wanted to see if I could ease the pain at least a little bit, so I booked an appointment to do both here.Turns out none of those horrible feelings need to be part of this. It was still uncomfortable, but I was able to walk out myself, have a laugh, and speak openly and without fear or being rushed.Is worth the money and recommend saving for it.
I had help with something removed from my face. Dr. Malu provided excellent service, highly professional and discreet. I would recommend them to anyone looking for support with medical needs on a private basis.
Wonderful service. Receptionists/Office staff very kind, welcoming and informative. The nurse practitioner who put in my implant was efficient and knowledgeable, keeping me distracted through the procedure. I haven't had any difficulties since but they made it clear that they were on the end of a phone if I had any concerns or issues. Highly recommend.
I would give 10 stars if I could. Unfortunately there are only 5. I had hyfrecation treatment today after driving 2 hours and staying overnight in the hotel. Worth it.
Had a contraceptive implant removal/ refitted here at this practice today.Very professional service with wonderful staff. Highly recommended.
Lovely clinic, absolutely amazing service. Both Jodie & Julie are lovely ladies giving a warm welcome and making me feel instantly at ease!After spending the day thinking the worse and how painful it was going to be to get my implant taken out, it was absolutely PAINLESS. I felt nothing at all! It was all over and done with super quickly.Excellent experience & would definitely recommend Clarewell, especially to anyone who gets nervous!Thankyou ladies 🙂
I went Clarewell clinics for a lumps and bumps removal on my face, one on my lip and one on my nose ( may sound vain, but they have bothered me for years)Mr Malu talked me throught the whole procedure, which made me feel at complete ease. The whole thing over in 15 minutes.The staff were all so lovely and made me feel so welcome. It was such a lovely place, so nice and cleanI feel so much better about myself now.Couldn't recommend them enough.
Had my coil fitted today with the lovely Julie, the actual fitting wasn't bad at all and I was put instantly at ease. Julie really took the time to answer any questions I had and to reassure me. Want to thank everyone at the clinic for such a positive experience, I would highly recommend!
Julie & Rebecca were amazing. They were so kind and made everything easy. The clinic was nice and clean too.
I decided to do my cervical screening privatly after a negative experience at my GP. Clarewell Clinics created a very welcoming and supportive evnironment for me during the procedure. Strongly recommended
I got a copper coil fitted here yesterday and couldn't give more praise to the staff at this clinic. I previously had a bad experience with a fitting that left me anxious, but Julie and Rebecca were the most lovely and warm people you could possibly ask for in a situation like this. I was immediately welcomed and put at ease, and quite literally had my hand held throughout the whole procedure. Julie also managed to make the fitting relatively painless and was very quick and effective. I couldn't describe the amount of relief I felt at how easy this entire thing was because of these two ladies. If I could give more than five stars I would.
Very helpful and friendly staff. Made me feel extremely comfortable and procedure was very simple. Highly recommended.
An excellent experience. Could not recommend Clarewell clinic in London more. They were so calm, welcoming, and professional. I felt very safe in their care.Their correspondence before the appointment was quick and informative. I was able to get an appointment fast. Front of house welcome when I arrived was brilliant too.I was very nervous to have this procedure done as I had previously had awful implant replacement at another clinic.Dr Manoj Malu was extremely kind and made me feel very relaxed very quickly. The procedure went perfectly and he really took his time to talk me through what was happening. Aftercare instructions very clear.Highly recommend.
Absolutely amazing clinic!Both Jodie and Julie are such lovely ladies, going above and beyond to give you not only the best healthcare but to give you that home comfort too.From someone who dreads the worse when having the implant removed and refitted, Julie couldn’t make me feel more comfortable. Over and done with in a blast, no pain felt at all - just the bubbly chit chat you can always expect with Julie putting you at ease. I will never go to anyone else.Such a relaxing relaxing environment from the moment you step into Clarewell clinic.Will forever recommend Clarewell clinic - not only for the outstanding service but for the lovely ladies!
Amazing service by Julie! Julie made me completely relaxed for my coil fitting appointment. Very informative and extremely gentle. Would definitely recommend!
I felt really compelled to write this review. I made this appointment after my GP was unable to fit a coil for me. This procedure, which I had previously done years ago had still left it’s mark and to say I was nervous was an understatement. However the second after meeting Julie Milsom my worries vanished. Julie is amazing, truly special. She talked me through everything she was doing and it was all over before I knew it. I can honestly say I have never felt more comfortable being so vulnerable. Being able to laugh and chatter through a coil fitting is an art form in itself. Bravo Julie. Also a shout out to Katie whose twinkling eyes kept smiling at me as she calmed me down so thank you both for your kindness.
The professionalism from the receptionist Katie was absolutely superb, she was very keen to assist me prior to my appointment and took away any anxiety I faced through chatter and humour. Another shoutout for Dr Malu who was very thorough in his explanations and simplified certain procedures to put me at ease. 10/10 would recommend! The team here are ace.
Went for a Klyeena coil check up after having a few concerns. My own GP was not giving me an appointment, so decided to go to Clarewell Clinics after reading all the great reviews. Excellent service, both Jodie and Julie are very friendly. Julie gave me all the info I needed and helped me feel more reassured. Thanks!
Super friendly staff and positive experience! Reception staff were friendly and put you at ease and both Dr Malu and Aaron were approachable, professional and made you feel in safe hands. Would recommend to anyone considering going 🙂
Great friendly service and a very professional approach 🙂
Excellent service. Great staff. Treated with the upmost care. Thank you.
We have been visiting Clarewell Clinics (Julie) for a year now. Jodie the Receptionist is so friendly and makes us feel at ease when we arrive. Julie is the most fantastic clinician. She is so knowledgable and the advice she gives is excellent. In addition she has such a happy demeanour which puts you at ease. Today I had to take my daughter (who has disabilities) for a blood test. Normally my daughter would be very stressed visiting the GPs but with Julie she feels completely calm and reassured. Julie was so good with my daughter that the blood test went very smoothly. Whether the GPs are open or not, I would only ever visit Julie as she provides that extra special care which not only saves time and money at the end of the day, but she also gets to know you on a personal level and so provides that personal care which is lacking so much now-a-days. I can honestly say she is the best in her field and has a desire to provide the most up-to-date treatments available for her clients. Thank you Julie and Jodie for the excellent treatments, care and support you provide - you are the best 🙂
Had a copper coil fitted here today & I was so impressed with the service. The procedure was explained to me as well as options about which coil to use, and the whole process was really relaxed and friendly. Really professional, I would thoroughly recommend this clinic to others.
I visited the Birmingham clinic for a copper coil fitting today and the service was 10/10. The 2 ladies on reception were so chatty and welcoming and Julie who fitted my coil was fab, very funny, bubbly and highly skilled, the coil fitting procedure was painless. Katie her assistant was lovely too, great at keeping me talking to take my mind of things. I will definitely be recommending this clinic to anyone who needs it
Julie and Jodi are both super kind and nice. My wife was very panic before she went fot the coil removal. Julie calmed her down with nice clear instruction and helped extra miles. A very pleasant experince. Thank you Julie and Jodi.
A very pleasant experience. Very professional staff. Everything was explained, all my fears vanished. Treated me extra nicely. Can highly recommend this place.
Very friendly, kind and professional. highly recommend this clinic.I have met many professionals in this field before, honestly I can say Dr Malu is not only one of the best in his field but also very nice human being if not an angel. from my personal experience He and his team are very patient, they treated me as their priority. I have visited Dr Malu many times and he always threat me with paitent and make sure I'm at ease. I travel many hours to visit him and never regret from driving nearly 6 Hr. I've kept my contact with him even I won't need any medical treatment I still love to go and visit him anytime I can.I wish all the best for them, I'm so lucky that I met him,Thanks to him and his team xxxI'm very grateful for all the help I got!Honestly couldn't recommend this clinic enough, even if I write 10 pages.
Jodie and Julie are amazing, I was 30 mins late for my appointment(I thought it was at the wrong time) and it was no problem, they made no fuss and got me straight in, lovely ladies as well, made me feel at ease and it was quick and painless. Really recommend going, car park space and they offer sweets!!
I've removed GW both through the NHS and privately. I know it may seem like a lot of money (as it is) but I'd just go privately now. You pay for the convenience of having them removed in 1 session as compared to 3-4 at some NHS place where you've got to wait forever and the staff are all pushy and cold. + NHS use freezing (whenever i've been) and has always left scarring. It's been 2 weeks since I had laser removal and has left no scarring. Thank you Clarewell!
I was extremely nervous attending this clinic today and I actually felt stupid after about 2 seconds for feeling nervous. The reception staff were professional and lovely and Dr Malu & nurse Isabel made me feelmore than comfortable. I was laughing at Dr Malu as he is very funny and nurse Isabel was very kind and reassuring. I would highly recommend especially if you are feeling nervous everyone was professional and friendly.
A great friendly, quick access and professional place. Very efficient and took my stress away. I would recommend for anyone looking for advice and contraception options.
After struggling to get an appointment in my area, I found this clinic, and thank goodness I did. What an amazing friendly team, delivering a fantastic service.
Clarewell Clinics helped me with the contraceptive implant. It was very efficient upon booking, being able to book an appointment for a few days later. When I arrived at the clinic I was greeted so warmly and taken into the room where I was met by Julie - she is an amazing lady, makes you feel comfortable and went above and beyond to meet my needs. Thank you very much for your services.
Honestly couldn't recommend this clinic enough, even if I tried. I found these amazing guys on Google when I was in a state of panic and shock. I spoke to a really lovely and understanding receptionist called Holly who put me straight at ease from the first initial phonecall. I was offered an appointment the very next day in which I attended. Honestly, from the moment I walked in I was a nervous wreck but Holly made me feel so calm and comfortable. The environment is clean, calming and relaxing. Dr Malu then saw me and I can honestly say, what a lovely, kind, reassuring doctor. Dr Malu could see I was in a state of distress and really looked after me. Tests required were done with no issue, in which turned out perfectly normal anyway in which I was so happy about. I could tell every person I met at Clarewell Clinic genuinely cared so much and from the bottom of my heart, thank you.
Absolutely fantastic , first class and discrete service. Professional and clean premises, friendly staff, very knowledgable. Explained procedure throughly. (Coil fitting) unable to get on NHS waiting for over a year for service. Appointment and seen in less than 2 days. Would definitely recommend.
A wonderful experience from start to finish. I can’t thank Julie Milsom enough! The level of kindness, care, knowledge and support deserves special recognition!!After having two horrific IUD insertions in the past, I was so apprehensive about giving it another go. I saw the reviews for Clarewell Clinic and felt reassured enough to give them a call. I was instantly made to feel comfortable, confident and understood by Nurse Julie. I’ve never been able to relax, chat, laugh or joke in any gynae appointment, and due to having a long history of endometriosis, I have a lot of medical trauma around all of these types of appointments. However, feeling alone and scared just isn’t an option at this clinic! You are treated so well and with so much empathy, and Julie’s knowledge of everything to do with sexual health and contraception is exemplary. Jodie, the healthcare assistant was also really wonderful with me. They both got me through the procedure and really made me giggle in the process!!I’m so glad to have been able to experience what an IUD fitting should be like. I wouldn’t hesitate to get another one at this clinic. They have so much time for you, and it honestly just felt like being with good friends!! The aftercare available is also fantastic. In fact, I’ve been recommending Clarewell Clinic to all of my friends who, like me, have been terrified to get an IUD. If you’re considering it, or have had any kind of medical or sexual trauma in the past, please know that you are in safe hands with Julie and her team.
I cannot speak highly enough of the staff and the treatment received at the clinic. I was immediately made to feel at ease, the procedure was explained clearly and the nurse was fantastic. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the clinic to anyone seeking treatment.
Great service, incredibly kind and friendly staff in a beautiful, calm and peaceful setting.
Doctor Manoj Malu and his lovely assistant (unsure of her name) were absolutely amazing from start to finish. They made me feel at ease as soon as I got into the room, told me all of the risks with the process (I had an implant removed) and then we got started after I signed a consent form.They were extremely pleasant, the assistant was so friendly and kept me distracted throughout which was lovely! The pain out of 10 was a 0, Dr Malu clearly knows exactly what he’s doing as it was pain-free, he was able to cut me in the same place the implant was inserting (meaning there is no additional scarring).I can’t recommend them both enough! They were amazing and I will 100% return in the future if needs be!Can’t recommend them enough!
I was so nervous today after reading forums online and Julie made me feel so at ease as soon as I stepped foot into the clinic. Julie is such a lovely lady and my whole experience was just amazing - I really had nothing to be nervous about at all! I would 100% come back and would also recommend this clinic to anyone. Thank you so much ☺️
Went to have a coil fitted for the firsttime, Julie and Jodie made the whole experience verty comfortable and made sure I was okay the whole time! Very efficient and quick service (was seen within 2 weeks of enquiring). Lovely, chatty and brilliant service. Would definitely go back.
I'd give them 6 stars if I could.Super easy to book an appointment and communication was clear throughout. The whole team was so friendly and welcoming couldn't have asked for more!The actual procedure was clearly explained by the nurse and I was told what was happening throughout, which really helped to keep me calm.
Booked in to the quorn clinic for a coil removal and Julie was quite honestly the friendliest, nicest person I think I’ve ever met. She put me at ease immediately and was chatty all the way through, let’s face it the silences when having a procedure down there can be really awkward! But none of that with Julie, with the whole procedure being done within a couple of minutes. 5 star service. Highly recommend this lady
Very professional service. Both the receptionist and the practitioner were lovely. The process was quick but thorough. Thank you
Excellent service, clean and very welcoming. I had an implant removal and can not recommend enough. The receptionist was very polite and the doctor made me feel very at ease. It was a very simple process from start to finish and also quick. I left very happy.
Excellent clinic! Receptionist is so friendly and chatty, very welcoming. Isabelle and another assistant were absolutely fantastic! Could not reccomend this clinic more enough. Fantastic service
What an absolute brilliant experience with Clarewell Clinic. From the initial booking to having the coil fitted......10/10! Thanks guys for making it all so painless and giving me a good laugh x
Came here yesterday to get my implant removed by Dr Manoj malu, the service I received was second to non! Was so quick and easy to remove unlike past experiences I have had. I was so nervous and dr Manoj made me feel at ease. Defiantly recommend this place!
I required an appointment to be organised quickly and Clarewell managed to organise this within just 3 days. Julie M. carried out the coil procedure within a couple minutes, provided plenty of information and answered all my questions with great detail. This was the most professional and comfortable service I have recieved from a clinic - I cannot recommend this place more highly!
Had an awful day trying to get any appointment, so rather than wait 8 weeks for an implant removal. I found these guys online. I received a same day appointment. Very quiet discreet area, quick and easy consultation. Made me feel at ease and was definitely worth going private for.
Absolutely first rate service.I drove over 100 miles to attend this clinic to have my contraceptive implant removed and I am very happy with my decision to do so.Booking the initial appointment was a very fast and efficient service. I tried to book with my local GP surgery but after waiting an eternity just for a call back, I decided to take the plunge and book a private consultation and removal.Dealing with Dr Malu's secretary, Holly was a pleasure, and after a quick phone call I was all booked in for an appointment just two days later.Dr Malu is one of the kindest and most professional people I have met. He put my nervous at ease and took the time to take a comprehensive medical history and treated me with the utmost respect and dignity.I felt listened to and I did not feel rushed or like I was being given a second rate service (comparison to my personal NHS experiences).My time in the clinic was worth every penny and I can honestly say that if I ever need any other medical advice I will be calling on the personal services of Dr Malu.
Julie was fabulous. She explained the removal procedure clearly and even made suggestions on more appropriate alternatives.We chatted throughout so I was throughly detracted and didn't feel a thing!10/10 would recommend to any friend, family member or female stranger.
I booked an appointment as I was due to have my implant changed but the waiting list to have the implant changed on the NHS was very long due (understandably) to the Covid situation but I needed piece of mind. The waiting room was lovely and the receptionist was very friendly, professional and chatty whist I was waiting to see Aaron. The clinic room was very clean and spacious and Aaron was lovely and very knowlegable and put me at ease and I was pleased that I could have the consultation and implant removal and replacement all within the same appointment. I highly recommend Clarewell Clinic and I would definatley come again!
I was in such a fear but the doctor & staff made me feel comfortable & supported me. They gave me advice & confidence & were correct on everything they advised me. My tests came out all good & I recieved my certificate that can be used for marraige purposes, work or travel. I totally recommend this place please dont be afraid visit them & start your life from fresh. They will support you from the start to the end. At least do a consultation & gain advice before making a decision it will really help you.
Myself and my daughter had to visit Clarewell Clinics due to our GP refusing to do routine appointments any more. What can I say but what a fantastic organisation. From the reception staff to the clinical staff, everyone is very friendly, welcoming and professional. Julie is amazing. The tablets our GP put my daughter on Julie realised were incorrect for her condition and she amended the dosage. Since then my daughter has been free of pain and other symptoms. It has been life changing for her as she was at the point where she could not walk at times and now the terrible pain in her legs has gone. For myself Julie has helped me recognise the correct medication I should be on for my age. She is extremely kind, patient and her clinical knowledge is unrivalled. We feel very blessed to have found Julie and wouldn't return to the GPs now for specific queries purely because we trust Julie above anyone else.
I went in to have my implant removed, got booked in very quickly - my appointment was within the next 3 days (unlike NHS telling you to wait months for this type of service). Julie is very friendly and knowledgeable person, I definitely felt reassured and at ease when talking with her about my concerns. Overall had a very nice time with nurse Julie, she's very chatty, warm and professional all at the same time! It will definitely make your visit more relaxed. Would highly recommend Clarewell Clinics!
I visited the clinic to have my regular smear test. The clinic is located in beautiful surroundings, with plenty of car parking. The staff were extremely welcoming and friendly whilst remaining professional and I immediately felt at ease. I would highly recommend Clarewell's to others and will definitely return myself.
Julies the best!
Excellent service! I was made to feel extremely comfortable. Highly recommend.Thank you!
Very friendly and kind stuff
Can't recommend the clinic highly enough. I wanted my coil out to try for my first baby but with the current lockdown, my GP wasn't able to offer me an appointment. I called Clarewell on the Monday and they could get me in the very next day (I actually ended up choosing a Thursday appointment because of prior commitments).Everything was really Covid-friendly - I parked up and the receptionist came to my car to let me know when they were ready for me. Masks were worn by everyone at all times.My appointment was with Julie Milsom and she was excellent. So friendly and chatty, and really efficient. I was in and out within ten minutes.The price was fair, I thought, at £150.00 for the appointment.The only negative I would say is that the clinic is not clearly signposted; I wasn't sure I was in the right place when I parked up, despite getting a text message telling me where to park. I thought I'd pulled up at someone's house! However, I called the clinic to query this when I arrived. and the receptionist came out to give me a wave to let me know I was in the right place.
It was my first time at Clarewell Clinics and I can’t rate it highly enough! The man who greeted myself on reception was so friendly and Julie was lovely too, instantly putting me at ease. My implant removal was painless and wasn’t rushed, Julie had plenty of time for a good chat!Very COVID secure, waited in the car and collected when clinic was empty. Masks worn by all staff.
Went to have my implant removed by Julie Milsom, she was so lovely and I felt completely at ease and she was so lovely to talk to you, would highly recommend, thank you clarewell clinics
Excellent service! J. Milsom was lovely and made me feel very relaxed, would 100% recommend.
My visit at Clarewell Clinic One Ash was a great one. Julie Milsom who I had seen there is a life saver!I had a horrendous experience somewhere else, prior to going to Julie at One Ash, to remove an implant. I was left with more than half the implant left in my arm after a poor attempt to remove it all. I reached out to Julie who was immediately appalled with the service that I had received and was quick to book me in to have it all taken out. The service was handled very professionally and I was made to feel at ease throughout the whole process. I highly recommend them.
The best experience I’ve had. Julie made the process easy and clear aswell as making me feel comfortable and an amazing experience.
Visted to have implant remove. Julie was amazing, reassured my daughter as was very nervous..Julie talk everything through making us feel very comfortable, very professional .Would highly recommend Clarewell clinic ....
I can’t speak highly enough of Julie, the warmth in her approach puts your mind at ease immediately. An extremely professional and effective clinic, would highly recommend it.
I wish there were more places like this! No need to wait weeks for an appointment (unlike NHS sexual health clinics). Julie was wonderful.
Very helpful from Julie. Delivery all the test for me and decrease my worrying. Song
Julie was lovely, very professional and down to earth, she puts you at ease straight away!She was great with my strange needle request as I’m not great with them!I think she went above and beyond to what my expectations were.Will definitely return for routine check ups.
Julie was amazing - she put me at ease straight away. She was professional, non judgemental and just generally lovely. I can't thank you enough Julie.
Got my implant fitted here and it was such a nice experience. I’m afraid of blood but Julie put me to ease and she was very kind and helpful. Would recommend to anyone
fast , friendly and efficient what more can you ask for.Very satisfied.
We found the staff very friendly and professional.They explained what to expect during the procedure and after and I felt confident and relaxed at all times.Thankyou x
My treatment was explained really clearly to me and was done within 45 mins both clinicians was very passional and made me feel at ease would definitely recommend
After having problems and suffering for aLong periods of time treatment after treatmentMy wart we’re spreading round my genital and my back passage. No help and treatment was given through NSH so I suffered in silent for many years. I needed treatment so went and booked an appointment to see Dr Malu at the Clarewell clinic him and this team put me at easy and it only took 2 appointment for the treatment. Am happy to say am free from warts now.
I had a wonderful experience going to see Julie and Karen, they were very professional but also very friendly. They immediately put me at ease and talked me through everything they were doing. I would highly recommend them.
I absolutely cannot recommend Clarewell Clinics enough. This Tuesday just gone, I attended clinic for some concerns I had and saw Julie. Other reviews that I had read previously had all praised Julie, and after spending an hour with her on Tuesday afternoon, I was and still am overwhelmed with gratitude that I had been booked with her. Julie made my very worrying situation much easier than I could have ever imagined. She gave me every bit of information I needed, answered every question I had (even if I'd asked it already) with patience, kindness, and honesty, and she treated me with a wonderful amount of respect. I shall always be grateful to her for making my burden a lot lighter to carry. Thank you so much Julie, thank you so much Clarewell Clinics.
I was seen by Julie for my implant removal. Julie was kind and professional. She put me at ease and removed my implant painlessly. I would thoroughly recommend seeing Julie.The clinic was clean and calm. It was a nice environment to be treated in.
I am very happy with the level of service that was provided. on both appointments I was seen straight away, no waiting around. very friendly staff, I couldn't of asked for more. Do not hesitate you are well worth the money. Big thanks to Dr Malu
Great service, lovely nurse who was very helpful and caring. Highly reccomend!!
The doctors here were fantastic. They treated me very quickly in a professional and highly competent manner. I would certainly recommend this clinic. They reassured me and addressed all of my concerns very patiently.
Thank you to the fantastic dr kumar and the team, they put me at ease and treated me with total respect. My treatment was done within an hour. I had previously had nhs treatment which hadn’t worked. I would recommend anyone with stds to contact clarewell.. thank you all who have helped me
Guys all positive comments are fake to this hospital. Actually i been there a week ago the charge me almost £400 they said we gona let u know about results next week so I never received call back from them and I have to keep calling them for days to ask what happen about my check ups . Finally someone else answered and told me everything thing is normal. I’m still in pain . Please stop goin to this hospital they all fake nurses and you won’t get any treatment here .


When will I get my STI test results?

Results for our routine check are available in 3 hours in our Birmingham Clinic (and 4 working days in our Leicestershire one).

Can I have a routine STI test when I’m on my period?

Yes. It is perfectly safe to have a routine STI test during your period, but only if you feel comfortable.

Can I get a copy of my STI test results?

Yes. You can receive your results by text and/or secure email. If you require a certificate for official purposes please bring along a copy of ID (driver’s license/passport).

How accurrate are these test results?

We use highly sophisticated tests to process your samples in the shortest amount of time. All tests are approx. 99% accurate when carried out after the window period.

For reactive HIV & Syphilis results, we will send the sample to lab for further confirmation before starting treatment.