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Private Menopause clinic uk

Managing the menopause

At Clarewell Clinics, we understand the unique challenges that come with menopause, and we are here to provide compassionate care and support throughout this transformative phase of life.

Our team of specialists offers expert consultations, hormonal testing, and mirena coil fitting services to address your individual needs and concerns. We believe in personalised care that considers not only the physical aspects but also your emotional well-being.

Whether you are seeking relief from menopausal symptoms or looking for guidance on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), our focus is on providing safe and effective solutions tailored to you.

Embrace this journey with confidence and let us be your partner in navigating menopause with care and understanding. Reach out to us today to start your path towards well-being and balance.

Our Menopause Services

How can we help you during your menopause?

our approach

Specialist care. Guided by compassion.

No Waiting Lists

Menopause care revolves around your needs – otherwise, it’s not genuine care. Be seen promptly without long waiting times.

Symptom Relief As Standard

We offer various methods to alleviate menopause symptoms (including hormone therapies, lifestyle guidance, and personalised treatment plans) to ensure your comfort and well-being.

Friendly & Experienced Care

Our experienced team specialises in menopause care and has been supporting women through this transformative phase for years. Whatever your needs, we’re dedicated to making your experience as smooth and comforting as possible.



Don't take our word for it.

Samantha Coleman
Samantha Coleman
Very kind and friendly service, quick and easy service from booking to appointment. Easy accessible location.
Chelsie Hannah
Chelsie Hannah
Coil Removal: Today I was seen by Julie (specialist sexual health practitioner) due to experiencing significant side effects from my coil and wanting it to be removed as quickly as possible. I had initially emailed Clarewell and they offered me an appointment the next day compared to my GP which was a 4 week wait. Julie was warm and welcoming and spent some time asking questions and gaining a better understanding of my personal circumstances. She validated my concerns and answered my questions well, her specialist knowledge was very obvious compared to the clinician who fitted my coil. The removal of the coil was pain free and Julie provided me with some information around alternative contraception therapies which may suit me better. I can’t recommend Julie and Clarewell enough. Thank you
If you have an STI, take it from me, Dr Malu is the man to see! Having visited similar clinics previously I was completely amazed by the amount of time he made available to me going through the various matters in great detail. A previous doctor elsewhere had suggested a course of antibiotics that had not worked. Dr Malu indicated that these were the wrong antibiotics and suggested some new antibiotics, and the end result was a negative reading. I was absolutely amazed at his incredibly pleasant and caring manner and the time he took to discuss various issues. I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending his clinic very highly indeed.
Imogen Grace
Imogen Grace
super supportive, friendly, down to earth staff who remain super professional, are very knowledgable and able to help my understand my body and the most suitable decision for me. Thank you
Vicki Moore
Vicki Moore
I cannot recommend Clarewell Clinics - Julie especially - enough. After doing my research online, following a 2 year chase my own tail with the NHS and getting nowhere I rang Clarewell on Friday and was given an appointment on Monday morning. I had a really traumatic coil removal with the NHS a few years back, so was understandably abit nervous coming to Clarewell for my copper coil removal and Mirena replacement. There was no need at all for my nerves. Julie instantly put me at ease, professional, understanding and actually gave a damn. Both procedures were over in a blink, with absolutely no discomfort - and I was expecting at least some discomfort after previous experiences. Julie really knows her stuff, is brilliant at what she does and I cannot recommend her, or Clarewell clinics, highly enough. Worth every single penny of the fee. I feel like a massive weight has been lifted, I wish had contacted Clarewell sooner. 100/10.
I cannot recommend Clarewell enough!! I was having an awful time trying to get my deep contraceptive implant removed, as it was slightly under the muscle. I had tried in various other locations to get it removed with no joy. I found Clarewell on Google and after a wonderful chat with the very helpful receptionist, all I had to do was fill out a consultation form and they had me booked in for the weekend in a matter of minutes. Dr Praveen Jayadeva was extremely knowledgeable and it took hardly any time for him to find where my implant was. It took under 10 mins for him to remove it, he was kind, confident and had me completely at ease. I cried tears of joy when he removed it, it had expired in July and now it’s finally out!! I highly recommend Clarewell clinics. If you ever have any problems with a deep contraceptive implant, just go here. You will be so happy you made that choice!! Thank you so much Dr Jayadeva! I am so grateful!!!
Lauren Frost
Lauren Frost
Calm, friendly atmosphere that provided an excellent service at a reasonable cost. Dr and HA were both lovely and took time to provide reassurance and care to help me through the procedure. Highly recommend.
Paige Walsh
Paige Walsh
5🌟 for the best service and easiest process. I’d been on an NHS waiting list for a few years for a deep implant removal and didn’t want to wait any longer. Dr Praveen Jayadeva was so kind and amazing in discussing a few worries I was having. He managed to find and remove the implant easily completely pain free. Such a weight off my mind and I’m so glad I came here. Couldn’t recommend more!
Victoria O'Connor
Victoria O'Connor
Having had an awful experience at my GP’s surgery during a previous coil fitting, I was apprehensive prior to my appointment. I needn’t have been! The process at Clarewell was miles apart from that at my GP’s. Julie is not only demonstrably knowledgeable about fitting coils but her passion to make this procedure as pain free as possible left me feeling that I was in safe hands throughout. The pain relief available at the clinic was crucial to making the fitting of a coil bearable - this coupled with the explanation of every stop of the process put me at ease and opened my eyes further to the lack of NHS available experts in this process. Women shouldn’t be expected to endure huge amounts of pain during this procedure and Julie’s work to educate other practitioners will hopefully push this message across and equip more professionals to offer safe coil fittings with minimal pain!


Understanding your menopause

Our specialist information on Menopause is designed to help you better understand the changes your body is going through and to help you make the right decisions when it comes to managing it.