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Your confidentiality

1. We do not contact you unless agreed upon otherwise.

We will only contact you in regards to test results, or follow up calls, as and when, requested by you.

2. We do not share your information with anyone (including GP or NHS)

Our medical records are entirely seperate from the NHS/GP/pharmacy (and vice-versa). Furthermore, we do not share the information you give us with them, unless agreed upon otherwise.

3. Card payments have no mention of ‘sexual’

Payments made through credit/debit card will have no mention of ‘sexual’ or ‘Clarewell Clinics’.

4. Our clinics have no mention of ‘sexual’

There is no mention of ‘sexual’ on the outside of our clinics so as to ensure that your discretion is maintained.

5. We will not recognise you outside of the clinic

If we happen to pass by you in the streets, the shops, a restaurant, we will not recognise you. We will not show any indication that we have met previously, unless you greet us otherwise.

6. We use a highly secure electronic health record

Your medical health record is stored under GDPR regulated servers. Your data is encrypted with 256-bit level encryption. We use 2-factor authentication to access these recorded data.

We take your privacy seriously.