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Online Sexual & Reproductive Care

Navigating the world of sexual and reproductive health can be confusing, sensitive, and sometimes daunting. At Clarewell, we’re here to make that journey easier, more accessible, and absolutely confidential.

Whether you’re concerned about STIs, exploring family planning and contraception options, or seeking specialised care in areas like genital dermatology and menopause, you’re in the right place. Our online consultations offer the flexibility to connect with top specialists right from the comfort of your own home. And if your condition requires more comprehensive tests, medications, or procedures, rest assured that our multiple clinic locations are fully equipped to provide you with the extended care you need.

Start Online, Continue In-Clinic: Experience the convenience of remote consultations combined with the assurance of in-person specialised care. Your health is our priority, and we offer seamless integration between our online and in-clinic services to ensure you receive the best of both worlds.

Don’t let uncertainty or inconvenience stand in your way. Take the first step toward empowered sexual and reproductive health today.

Focused Online Consultations


Discuss symptoms, testing, and treatment options for sexually transmitted infections and HIV. Confidentiality assured.

Genital Dermatology

Focused on diagnosing and treating skin conditions in genital areas. Personalised treatment plans available.

Family Planning & Contraception

Guidance on contraceptive methods and family planning strategies, including fertility and pregnancy considerations.

If you are experiencing symptoms, we would highly recommend you visiting us in person so that we can examine you thoroughly and offer treatment to relieve your symptoms.

We follow guidelines set by

Medicine is a complicated subject and sometimes these guidelines don’t always hold the answers.

For example, treating an STI in a patient who has developed a resistance to routinely used antibiotics.

Unlike most private clinics, we have medical consultants here to help you navigate through such problems and get you on the right track in no time.

Our Specialists