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Online Genital Dermatology Consultation

Navigating skin issues in intimate areas is no walk in the park; it’s often awkward and uncomfortable. Our online consultations offer a discreet and confidential way to discuss your concerns with a specialist. Within our 30-minute consultations, you’ll receive expert general advice tailored to your condition.

Please note that we give the option to upload images before your appointment so that your clinician can discuss it with you.

Length of appointment. 30 minutes

Continuity of care. In person examination, testing & treatments

Method. Video or Telephone

Cost of appointment.

£75 (with a specialist nurse)

£150 (with a doctor)

Please note that this is not redeemable against any in-person care. If you have any questions regarding this, please do feel free to get in touch with us.

Is This Service Right For You?

I'm experiencing itch or discomfort—what's going on?

This could be due to conditions like thrush, bacterial vaginosis, or tinea cruris (jock itch). We can help explore possible causes and recommend general courses of action.

I've spotted unusual growths or spots

Growths could range from benign conditions like Fordyce spots to more concerning ones like malignant melanoma. Let’s talk about what these growths might be and what your next steps could involve.

I have recurring skin issues—what could be triggering them?

Conditions like psoriasis, lichen planus, or eczema may have recurring symptoms. We can discuss potential triggers and general management strategies.

I want to discuss my treatment options (inc. Hyfrecation)

If you’re dealing with conditions like genital warts, PPP, fordyce spots and more, various treatments, including hyfrecation, may be available. We can provide general advice on what options might be right for you.

Is this a dermatological issue or a sign of an STI?

Some conditions, such as genital herpes or molluscum contagiosum, can mimic dermatological issues. We can help clarify the situation and guide you on next steps.

I have pain or swelling in genital area

Conditions like Bartholin’s Cyst, hidradenitis suppurativa, or balanitis can cause discomfort. We can talk about symptoms and possible general advice for management.

Start Online. Continue In-Clinic.

The world of TeleHealth is constantly evolving. Whilst it provides great benefits to those looking for a convenient way to access specialist advice, there are some things that will require being seen in person.

Seamless Transition

Say goodbye to the hassle of transferring medical records or retelling your symptoms. Our system is integrated, so the specialist who sees you online has all the information they need to continue your care in-clinic. It’s a smooth transition that saves you time and stress.

Comprehensive Care, Beyond the Screen

Starting online doesn’t mean you’re limited in your healthcare options. Our clinics are fully equipped to offer a wide range of tests, medications, and specialized procedures that can’t be done online. It’s one seamless experience from your first click to your clinic visit, all backed by our extensive repertoire of healthcare solutions.

The Process

Confirm The Appointment

We require payment for the video consultation to confirm the appointment. We will then share a unique link for you to use for your appointment.

Pre Appointment Questionnaire

This allows us to be better prepared for your appointment and (completely optional) upload any images.

Follow The Unique Link

Please open follow the unique link a few minutes before your appointment and ensure everything is working. Your clinician will be with you shortly.

Discussion +/- Review of Images

We’ll take the time to understand & discuss your concerns, including the right course of action.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Online Genital Dermatology Consultation, and how does it differ from an in-person appointment?

An Online Genital Dermatology Consultation allows you to speak with our specialized dermatologists about your concerns right from the comfort of your home, using telephone or video conferencing. Unlike an in-person appointment, you won't need to visit our clinic, offering you convenience and privacy.

What specialties are covered in the Online Genital Dermatology Consultation service?

Our Online Genital Dermatology Consultation service focuses on issues related to skin conditions in the genital area. Whether you have concerns about rashes, discoloration, or any other skin-related issue, our experts are here to provide specialized advice and treatment options.

How long is the Online Genital Dermatology Consultation, and can I extend it if needed?

The consultation usually lasts up to 15 minutes, but if you require more time, we can certainly arrange for additional appointments to ensure that all your concerns are adequately addressed.

How can I schedule an Online Genital Dermatology Consultation, and is there payment required to confirm it?

Booking your Online Genital Dermatology Consultation is simple; you can click here to secure your appointment.

Can my partner attend the Online Genital Dermatology Consultation?

Yes, your partner is welcome to join the consultation for emotional support. However, please note that due to time constraints, we'll focus on your individual concerns. If your partner also requires a consultation, we recommend scheduling a separate appointment.

What if I require medications after my Online Genital Dermatology Consultation?

Depending on your condition and the treatment prescribed, we can either mail the medications directly to you (extra charges apply) or provide you with a private prescription to be filled at your local pharmacy.

Can I get a second opinion regarding genital dermatology care received elsewhere?

Absolutely. Our Online Genital Dermatology Consultation service is an excellent resource for obtaining a second opinion on any previous care or diagnoses you've received in this specialized field.

Are Online Genital Dermatology Consultations covered by insurance, and if not, what are the accepted payment methods?

Coverage for Online Genital Dermatology Consultations may vary based on your insurance policy. Our team will guide you through the available payment options when you book your appointment.

Concerned about your genital skin health?

Don’t let uncertainty linger. Schedule your Online Genital Dermatology Consultation with Clarewell today. Gain clarity, expert guidance, and a customized treatment plan designed for your unique needs.”