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Family Planning Clinic & Contraception Services

Your choice. How it suits you. When it suits you.

Contraceptive Coils

Contraceptive Implants


Online Consultation

No Waiting Lists

Contraception revolves around your needs – otherwise it’s not a choice. Be seen without having to wait months.

Pain Relief As Standard

We offer more methods of pain relief  (inc. gel, gas, & air and cervical dilation) than most other clinics.

Friendly & Experienced Care

We’ve been doing this for years. And we love it. Whatever your needs, we’ll try to make as smooth as possible.

“Reproductive freedom is not just the ability not to have a child through birth control.

It’s the ability to have one if and when you want.”

Pamela Madsen

Why Choose Us?

We are focused

We offer contraceptive & family planning clinic services day-in day-out. It’s not just something else we do.

We put you first

We have measures in place to ensure you can get the care you need the first time around (not after multiple visits).

We are professional

Whatever you’re worried about, we’ve seen it before. Please don’t be worried when coming to see us.

We are discreet

We conduct ourselves professionally and our measures ensure your discretion at every stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does a family planning clinic offer?

A family planning clinic specialises in the provision of contraceptive health. Specialist services such as complex coil and implant removals are available in such clinics.

What methods of contraception do you offer?

We offer an extensive range of contraceptive methods including:

  1. Contraceptive Hormonal Implant
  2. Contraceptive Injections
  3. Copper coil (IUD)
  4. Hormonal coil (IUS)

Every method of contraception is given out in a consultation with a specialist clinician so you can discuss the benefits and alternatives which may be better for you.

Which method of contraception is best for me?

The right method of contraception will vary from woman to woman (and that too at different parts of one’s’ life). As such, we conduct a thorough consultation before offering you any method of contraception.

Following this, we can offer you the same method of contraception in the appointment.

How can I access your services?

Our services are available by appointment only and most of our patients are seen within 7 days of requesting an appointment.

Where can I find an NHS clinic close to me?

Please visit the following link to find the closest contraception clinic near me (you). Please click here.

Where can I find an NHS clinic close to me?

Please visit the following link to find the closest family planning clinic near to you. Please click here.

And if you need a little more

Repeat Medications

If you are seeking repeat medications, you can complete the following form to speed up the process.

Follow Up Support

If you have any concerns after your procedure, we can arrange a follow up discussion with a clinician without delay.

Further visits

If you require a further visit, this will be discussed with you in the appointment. Please follow the link below to request one.

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