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Implant Aftercare

Stage 1

Your arm may ache once the local anaesthetic starts to wear off so take simple painkillers if uncomfortable.

Stage 2

Leave the pressure bandage on for 24-48 hours and try to keep the area dry. If you do need to bathe or shower, then cover the area with a plastic bag/cling film.

If the bandage is uncomfortable to sleep in, take it off overnight and apply it again in the morning.

Stage 3

You can take the plaster off after 3-4 days (from the day of appointment).

Stage 4

The steristips should come off by themselves (in either the bath or shower) or you may remove them after 5 days.

Stage 5

The bruising should fade by about 10-14 days and any swelling of the area should also have disappeared. Furthermore, there will be a small scar from the insertion or removal, usually about 2mm.

Normal vs Not Normal


Small scar at the site of incision


Bruising at the site of incision (which should fade over the next week or so)


Fitting/Replacement Only
Some irregular spotting/bleeding is common after the fitting. These changes may be a nuisance but they will not affect how Nexplanon works to prevent pregnancy.


Fitting/Replacement Only
Itching around the site of the implant (you can use an antihistamine to help with this).


Redness or soreness around the wound


Pus from the wound


Bleeding from the wound


Numbness, shooting pain or difficulty with movement of the arm


Fitting/Replacement Only
The implant feels broken, bent or misshapen


Fitting/Replacement Only
The implant cannot be felt at all

Dos & Dont’s


If the pressure bandage is too tight and you experience any discomfort, “pins and needles”, numbness or coldness in your hand, you should loosen it. If this continues after loosening the bandage, please contact the clinic for advice.


Check the site of your new or refitted implant after 2 weeks, to ensure you can feel both ends of the device. If you are unable to, then please contact the clinic for advice.


Every so often, just double check you can feel both ends of the device.


Get the bandage wet for at least 24 hours


Get the site of incision wet until fully healed


Use your arm for exercises until the wound is fully healed


Fitting/Replacement Only
Play with the implant whilst healing


Fitting/Replacement Only
Use St John’s Wort 

Frequently Asked Questions

For removal/fitting/re-fitting

Will I require a follow up appointment after my procedure?

No. It’s rarely necessary to have a check up after an implant procedure, unless there are concerns to attend to (please see above for helpful advice).

Fitting Specific

How soon will the implant begin to work?

Works immediately
If the implant is fitted before day 5 of the menstrual cycle

Works 7 days after insertion
If the implant is fitted after day 7 of the menstrual cycle

Removal Specific

How soon after my implant removal can I have sex?

You can have sex as soon as you would like to after your implant removal.

How soon after my implant removal will I become fertile?

Fertility usually returns soon after removal of Implant within a month and you can start trying to conceive straight away after having your implant removed.

When should I expect my periods to return after the implant removal?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to state exactly when your periods may return to normal.

And if you need a little more.

Follow Up Discussion

If you have any concerns after your procedure, we can arrange a follow up discussion with a clinician without delay.

Further visits

You will unlikely need any further visits. If this is appropriate, we will discuss it in the appointment with you.