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Contraceptive Implant Removal

Length of appointment:

Approx. 30 minutes in total

Local anaesthetic

We provide a local anesthetic injection

Recovery & Aftercare

You can continue with your day as normal


Routine Implant Removal£175

For international patients with two rods, we charge £250

Ultrasound Guided Implant Removal£350

Ultrasound Guided Implant Removal

If you cannot feel both sides of the implant or someone has tried to remove it, we would recommend an ultrasound guided removal before we consider this a routine implant removal.

Additional Services

We are able to offer the following sevices at the same time as your implant removal. Please let us know at the time of booking.

No Waiting Lists

Family Planning revolves around your needs – otherwise it’s not a choice. Be seen without having to wait months.

Pain Relief As Priority

We do our best to minimise the pain experienced from the impant removal.

Friendly & Experienced Care

We’ve been doing this for years. And we love it. Whatever your needs, we’ll try to make as smooth as possible.

Routine Contraceptive Implant Removal

If you can you feel both sides of the implant, then you can proceed with a routine implant removal.

If you cannot feel one or both sides (without applying much pressure), then you may have a deep implant and require an ultrasound guided implant removal.

The Process

The consultation and procedure happen in one appointment, as long as it’s safe to do so.


In order to be most prepared and leave plenty of time for discussion and procedure, we will ask you to fill out a simple questionnaire.


In the consultation, we will review your questionnaire and discuss how the ultrasound scan and procedure will work.


We will then proceed to remove the implant. Once this is done, we will cover the site with a bandage and discuss aftercare with you.

If you are looking to have an STI test or HPV test at the time of the appointment, please let us know at the time of booking.


If you’ve just had a contraceptive implant removed by us and are seeking advice on recovery and aftercare, we’ve got the information for you just here.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is an implant removal?

If your contraceptive implant is difficult to feel, or others have tried to remove it and failed, then it is likely that your implant has been inserted too deep.

You may most likely have been told by a clinician if this is the case and that you will require a specialist to remove your implant.

When can I have an implant removal?

A contraceptive implant can be removed at any time for multiple reasons. They may include, but are not limited to:

  • Your implant has expired
  • You’re experiencing side effects
  • You want to try another method of contraception
  • You are looking to conceive

It is important to know that you can get pregnant from the moment your implant is removed.

What are the possible complications of having an implant removal?

In most cases, an implant removal is a straightforward procedure and you continue life as normal.

However, sometimes a bit of bruising may be noticeable after the procedure. This is especially so, if you are prone to bruising.

You may feel a little bit of soreness for a day or so after the procedure.

Other complications, like infections and scarring are extremely rare.

Before the appointment

How can I prepare for my implant removal?

We recommend abstaining from sexual contact for 7 days prior to your implant removal, if you are not looking to conceive. Otherwise, there is no need for additional precautions or abstinence.

Will I need to take time off for my implant removal?
A contraceptive implant removal is a straightforward and safe procedure. You can absolutely return to your daily activities as normal.
What travel arrangements should I make for after the implant removal?

You do not need to make any special travel arrangements for after your appointment. However, if you feel that you may wish for someone to drive/accompany you home, then you will need to make arrangements accordingly.

Can I bring someone with me?
Yes. You can bring your partner, friend or family member to your appointment.

However, if you feel that you would rather not bring someone to the appointment, rest assured that our staff are here to support you and make you comfortable in any way possible. Clarewell Clinics is a safe space.

During the appointment

How does an implant removal work?

We will begin by undertaking a consultation to review your medical, sexual & contraceptive history. We will be able to discuss any concerns you may have and your future contraceptive needs.

This is all in order to make sure that the implant is safe to be removed.

We will then make sure that we can feel the implant in your arm before we remove it.

If you have booked in for an ultrasound guided implant removal, we will now confirm the location of the implant before proceeding with the removal.

We will then administer a local injectable anaesthetic that will numb the skin around the implant. This should make the procedure as painless as possible.

Your clinician will then make a tiny cut in your skin and gently pull the implant out. They will then bandage your arm and explain anything you may need to do to look after the site of the procedure.

If you are looking to have a new implant fitted in, please mention at the time of your booking.

Does the implant removal hurt?

After application of the local injectable anaesthetic, you should not feel any pain during the implant procedure.

We find that many patients, including those who are anxious or scared of needles, leave the clinic not knowing why they were so worried at all.

Can I listen to my music during the implant removal?

Yes, absolutely you can. Please let us know at the time of your booking (or upon your arrival) so that we are ready to accommodate your wishes.

Can I have another form of contraception after my implant removal?

Yes, you can have another form of contraception after having your implant removed (please let us know at the time of your booking so that we may be ready for you). And if you wish to continue with the contraception implant as a future method, we can offer you a new one in the same appointment.

Can I listen to my music during the implant removal?

Yes, absolutely you can. Please let us know at the time of your booking (or upon your arrival) so that we are ready to accommodate your wishes.

Can I have an STI test during my appointment?

Absolutely. Please request this at the time of booking so that we may book you an extended appointment.

For more information about our STI tests, please visit this page:

Can I see my implant after the implant removal?

Absolutely. Please let the clinician know and they will be more than happy to show you your implant after the removal.

What happens if my implant removal does not go as planned?

We recommend patients to leave the implant in the skin for a few weeks before booking an ultrasound guided implant removal at our London Clinic.

Although every effort will be given to remove the implant, it may not always be possible and you may require a referral to a Plastic Surgeon, in a hospital setting under general anaesthesia. And, of course, if we are unable to remove the implant we will not charge you for the appointment.

After the appointment

What should I expect after my implant removal?

Following an implant removal, your clinician will fit a pressure bandage over the removal site. The bandage will help limit any potential bleeding and bruising of the area, so it is crucial for it to remain in place for 48 hours following the procedure. For the 48 hours that the bandage is fitted, please avoid getting the area wet or dirty – please cover the bandage if a shower is required.

Do not hesitate to loosen your bandage slightly if you think it is too tight, or if your fingers feel numb or cold. If you choose to do this, please be sure the bandage is still wrapped firmly around the wound. After removing your bandage, you may notice sticky strips holding the incision site together. Please leave these in place. They will fall off themselves once the implant site has fully healed.

On occasion, your clinician may put a stitch at the site. If this happens, they will advise you about its care and removal. In rare cases, you may require pain relief following the procedure. If you feel it necessary, please take your normal pain relief medication as per its packaged instructions (i.e. Paracetamol or Ibuprofen with food).

Will I require a follow up appointment after my implant removal?

You do not need to have a check up once the implant has been removed, unless you are experiencing symptoms of infection which may include redness in the area of the implant removal, generally feeling unwell and where pain relief medication is not helping with the pain/discomfort

What do I do if I think I have a problem after the implant removal?

If you think that something is not quite right after your procedure, please contact the clinic or email us on

We will be able to arrange a follow up call for you and your clinician will be able to discuss the next steps with you.

How soon after my implant removal can I have sex?

You can have sex as soon as you would like to after your implant removal.

How soon after my implant removal will I become fertile?

Fertility usually returns soon after removal of Implant within a month and you can start trying to conceive straight away after having your implant removed.

When should I expect my periods to return after the implant removal?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to state exactly when your periods may return to normal.


Please note that methods of pain relief (where medically appropriate) are included in the fee.

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