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Genital Wart Removal

We understand the frustration, anxiety and stress that genital warts can cause in your life. This may especially be the case if you have tried other treatments before.

At Clarewell Clinics, we pride ourselves on being able to provide a same day genital wart removal for most of our patients and have the skillset to treat complex warts (e.g. anal/peri-anal).


Immediate Clearance of Warts

We use Hyfrecation to burn the lesions off so there is no waiting for the treatment to work.

Experienced Clinicians

We offer medical treatment of genital warts of all shapes & locations in men and women.

Discreet Billing & Location

We conduct ourselves professionally and ensure your discretion at every stage.

What methods of treatment are available?

Whilst numerous methods of genital wart removal exist, we only utilise Hyfrecation treatment at our clinic due to it’s effectiveness.

What areas can you treat?

As a general rule of thumb, if we can feel or see your genital warts, we can treat them.

However, like all medical procedures, this is subject to clinical assessment.

Warts treated in men

Warts treated in women

How does it work?

Doctor appointments are approx. 30-45 minutes long. This is enough time for most patients to have the consultation + receive treatment in the same appointment (saving another visit), but this entirely depends on how long is required on the consultation part of the appointment and whether it is safe to proceed with the treatment.

Patients with a larger set of warts may need an additional appointment (this will be included in the cost of the overall treatment).

1. Assess Warts

We must confirm the diagnosis of genital warts and make sure they are safe for treatment.

We will then give you a quote for the overall cost of the treatment.

You can also receive a quote online here.

2. Discuss Treatments

We will then discuss any questions you may have about HPV, Genital warts and the treatment options (including not treating).

If there sufficient time left in your appointment, we will proceed to remove your warts.

3. Offer Procedure

We will apply some local anaesthetic to numb the area. Once you are comfortable, we will then proceed to remove your warts using Hyfrecation (learn more).

After your procedure, we will offer you an after-care pack with advice and wipes to keep the treated area clean.

If you have any questions about how the procedure works, please call us on 0121 392 2470 for further information.

How much does it cost?

Our genital wart removal treatments start from £550 (which includes the £150 Consultation fee).

The total cost of the procedure will depend upon the size, number & complexity of your warts and will be given to your during your consultation.

If you would like to receive a quote before booking an appointment, please click ‘receive a quote’ below and fill out the questionnaire.

Please note, the consultation fee applies even if we offer you a quote online.

Proportion of quotes we have given by range

  • £525 – £625 41% 41%
  • £626 – £725 27% 27%
  • £725 – £825 19% 19%
  • £825 + 13% 13%


Do I need a consultation?

We understand that some you may have been to your GP or GUM clinic for an examination (and possible diagnosis) and/or treatment.

However, before we offer any treatments it is essential that we have a thorough understanding of your medical health.

A few of these reasons include:

Confirming that you do in fact have genital warts, as we often see patients who have been told they have warts but in fact do not.

Ensuring that you do not have warts in areas which you have not noticed – e.g. we see patients who have their pubic warts diagnosed, but scrotal warts missed. This can mean you receive treatment for one area of the

Discuss how you can prevent getting genital warts again.

Can I get treatment in the same appointment?

Doctor appointments are approx. 30-45 minutes long.

This is enough time for most patients to have the consultation + receive treatment in the same appointment (saving another visit).

However, this entirely depends on how long is required on the consultation part of the appointment and whether it is safe to proceed with the treatment.

I am pregnant. Can I still get treatment?

We can offer you the above treatments during pregnancy, however the size and location of the warts can affect the treatment options suitable.

It is also important to note that warts recede soon after delivery, therefore you may wish to wait until after delivery.

Can my genital warts come back?

Genital warts can recur after treatment because the treatment only eradicates the symptoms of HPV, but not the HPV infection itself.

There is no cure for the HPV infection, you will still have the infection in your body despite any treatment you may have had for genital warts. The main way of clearing the infection is via a natural process, although it can be a chronic and long lasting infection for others.

Learn more about genital wart recurrances >

Do I need a referral letter from my GP?

No. You can book directly with us.

Rated 5* By Our Patients

Today I had a copper coil removal and replacement. I am so pleased I chose to use Clarewell. As someone who has high anxiety and has had previous bad experiences in this area of healthcare, I can not praise the clinic higher.Dr Praveen and his team made the process feel stress free, it was quick and comfortable and I felt totally re assured throughout. I had options in terms of pain relief - this was all really clear and I felt in very safe hands.Any anxious women worried about this kind of procedure, I thoroughly recommend you consider using the clinic as you will leave feeling that it was a positive experience. Thankyou so much to the team. Michelle
Best experience I have had with a doctor, made me feel so calm and comfortable throughout the whole procedure, would 100% recommend to anyone. Worth every bit of money.
Came in for implant removal, Julie was so great. Friendly, chatty, my husband was able to come in with me and he praised the experience. We'd never gone for any type of private treatment but as soon as we came out we agreed how good it was and worth the money for Julie alone.
Came here from a consultation to Magda and Dr Manoj and they made me feel welcome for my STI treatment and all was treated instantly once the diagnosis was evaluated.Best clinic in West Midlands and highly recommend if you want to go through a comforting and enlightening process.Will be visiting again if I get any sexual health concerns.
Having grown frustrated and bitter following my last encounter with NHS Reproductive Healthcare, I decided to assume 100% personal responsibility for my reproductive healthcare experiences and seek worthy alternatives to NHS reproductive healthcare.I discovered Clarewell Clinics after googling private reproductive healthcare in the UK. And I decided to make enquiries and follow through.I am happy to say that was a great decision for me.I visited Clarewell Clinics in Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, to replace my 5 years NHS-fitted copper coil with a 10 years copper coil.I was seen by Midwife Julie and another team member - from the reception area - I can't recall her name.The clinic ambience was relaxing.Julie was exceptionally knowledgeable and shared several helpful and personalized insights with me.This was remarkable to me because I have been seen previously, by about 3 separate Gynaecologists from the NHS and the information I was provided, about reproductive healthcare and contraception, was mostly general information which I mostly already knew about, from my own personal due diligence research on the internet.Julie is the first Midwife that have attended to my reproductive healthcare and her knowledge and insights about the female reproductive system and birth control options is far superior, in my view.This was very reassuring for me.I believe the service I received was worth every penny I spent.Also, the clinic allowed me to pay after the copper coil fitting procedure was completed.The payment sequence matter was initially a worry for me, because some service providers require that you pay before the service is provided. After which they may not completely respect your wishes, which can get frustrating.Allowing me to pay after the coil fitting procedure eased my worries from the get-go, which is exemplary of exceptional service, in my view.Also, my copper coil fitting experience was surprisingly smooth and painless.I was also provided with multiple options to choose from, for pain relief.The copper coil fitting process was properly explained to me by Julie and her team.I was consulted and checked on through-out the entire procedure to ensure I was at ease and satisfied.This was excellent.After the copper coil fitting, I was provided aftercare information and encouraged to contact the clinic if I have any further questions.Furthermore, the clinic location is only a short 5 minutes’ walk from Birmingham Jewellery Quarter Tram and Train station. And was easy to find, using Google maps - if you don't live in Birmingham and elected to travel in, like I did.Moreover, the service charge for the copper coil fitting was clearly and promptly communicated to me. The price was reasonable and affordable for me.All in all, I had an exceptional and positive experience, and I would recommend Clarewell Clinics in Birmingham for Copper Coil fitting.
I filled a tube for Phil, Phil filled the consultation with kindness. Excellent service.
What a lovely clinic, went for an implant removal as didn’t want to wait for the NHS I was offered an appt the day after I enquired at a time best to suit me. Julie really cares regarding your situation and we discussed some future options for me. I was made to feel so relaxed and really felt at home for the whole procedure I was asked a couple of times if I wanted a drink by Julie’s receptionist which also adds to the whole feeling at ease. Would absolutely recommend even if it is just advice you are after! Well done guys 5 star rating from me 😊😊
I highly recommend Clarewell clinic, the staff there are so helpful and welcoming. You will always feel safe and helped.
It was amazing. Julie was wonderful, I've never felt so comfortable in such an uncomfortable position 😄 Really happy with everything. Thank you
Came for my copper coil removal today and I was terrified. Julie made me feel at ease straight away and the process was really straightforward I won't hesitate to come to her again in the future! Thank you so much.
Attended for a coil removal and refit in the London clinic. After a horrific experience with the NHS and being placed on a waiting list for up to 9 months I made the decision to go to Clarewell Clinic. It was the best decision I have ever made. I was so anxious and nervous but was instantly made to feel at ease and the procedure was so quick and pain-free. I would definitely recommend and will 100% be going back to this clinic. Thank you so much to all the wonderful staff here who made my experience such a positive one.
Clarewell Clinic in London removed my coil which had become a complex matter. The service was professional and caring, and I felt I was well looked after. Pain relief was provided within the treatment and I am very impressed and happy with the care I received.
Honestly, the most lovely and wonderful people to go to.I could not praise highly enough for what the employees did for me, it was a difficult situation for me to go through after a long ordeal and they couldn’t have made it a smoother process.Thank you so much beyond words to Julie you are just amazing.Without doubt will be coming again for future appointments.
The 2 ladies who were working when i came in today were brilliant- They made me feel so at ease right away!
I had my first visit at the clinic yesterday and I couldn’t be any happier. Dr Julie was amazing!! She’s so friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable. She started by asking me a few questions before doing any treatment which resulted in me doing a blood test (as I got my results from a different clinic) to make sure she would give me the right treatment as those results weren’t very clear. This not only shows her professionalism but also her as a person. She’s so sweet and caring. Will definitely be using this clinic again and highly recommend! ❤️
Julie fitted my copper IUD coil yesterday. I can honestly say she did everything to put me at ease - especially as I was so nervous to have the procedure done. Julie answered all of my queries and explained the whole process prior to having it fitted. If anyone is worried about getting an IUD, please go here - I cannot recommend Julie enough.The receptionist (cannot remember her name - so sorry) was amazing, and held my hand through the procedure. They were both so kind and put my mind at ease. Worth every penny.
After 2 traumatic experiences having a coil fitted with my NHS doctor, and no pain relief ever being offered other than "Take 2 ibuprofen an hour before your procedure." I decided to turn to private healthcare so I could have a more comfortable experience. I was so nervous, so sure I would still be in pain, but after speaking with Dr Praveen Jayadeva, he reassured me that I was in full control of the situation and that everything would be done to make my experience a more positive one. I only asked for a combination of two of the four options of pain relief, but clearly seeing how nervous I was, he said he would be using all methods of pain relief during my procedure. His assistant Jackie was so pleasant as well and stood by my side and chatted with me the entire time; they let me breathe on the gas and air for a good few minutes before confirming i was relaxed enough to proceed. I felt occasional pressure but never any pain, and only the mildest period like cramp during the actual insertion itself, but I was so relaxed and distracted in really comfortable conversation with the nurse, it was fleeting and not a memorable sensation. No one with a uterus should tolerate being in pain during what is a very straightforward procedure. Anyone undergoing a vasectomy would not be expected to do so without anesthetic, why do we allow this far more invasive and intimate procedure to be so uncomfortable, and for some like me unbearably painful. The last 2 months I've been riddled with anxiety as I counted down my IUDs expiry for removal and replacement. After today, I would never look back at getting this procedure done any other way, and I will never feel nervous about getting this done ever again. Dr Jayadeva has completely eliminated my fear, and I couldn't be more grateful to him and the staff at Clarewell's. Thank you so so much.
I recently had my copper coils removed by Julie at Clarewell and the whole experience was very positiveI am quite nervous about these sorts of procedures but I was out completely at ease and Julie explained what waa happening at every stage of the process making the whole experience so relaxed.I would definitely recommend and would go back for anything similar for myself
I had my implant taken out by Julie and she was so amazing bless her! She made me feel comfortable and was ever so friendly and was very professional I really recommend anyone to go to clarewell! One of the best private clinics!
I visited Clarewell Clinic this week for a coil removal, and I can't fault the treatment I received. They were able to see me even after a mix-up with my booking, and talked me through everything step by step. I was put at complete ease and the procedure went smoothly. I hope this review will put others at ease, who might be feeling nervous about the coil or any other sexual health procedure.
I had such a comforting and supportive experience here at Clarewell Clinics.Usually I’m a very nervous and anxious patient but as soon as I met Julie, I felt at ease and trusted her completely.I booked in for a coil removal and I was expecting the worse due to my anxiety but there was no pain or discomfort at all. It was such a straight forward procedure. Julie took her time and explained everything to me step by step and didn’t proceed until I was ready. The support you get before, during and after is amazing.If I ever need anything sexual health wise in the future, Clarewell Clinics will be the only place I go to. Thank you so much!
Visited yesterday and was really happy with how comfortable I felt with Julie and the receptionist. Very warm and professional manners. I didn't have my coil removed as planned, but the way Julie explained why I didn't have to at this time showed that they take your needs/wants/plans into consideration when advising you. Would definitely recommend Clarewell Clinics.
Julie Milsom was absolutely amazing, she made me feel so comfortable before going into the procedure, throughout the procedure I was not worried, I was reassured with everything.
Money well spent for peace of mind. Dr Praveen Jayadeva, Shannon and Olivia have been very support and done a great job. Dr Praveen Jayadeva was very patient and tried every method to sort out my complicated case. Shannon was holding my hands giving me enough comfort and courage, also gave me a cuddle after my procedure was successfully completed. Olivia is the most cheerful receptionist and wished me good luck. I would give 10 stars if Google allows. Can't thank them more. Thanks so much everyone xo
Efficient booking service and contact with excellent help with directions. Excellent care and information. Highly recommend, as knowledgeable and competent giving information and reassurance.
Excellent reception, diagnosis and prescription was straightforward. Highly recommend.
Amazing! Julie listened well to my problems and clearly explained how my symptoms can be managed. The best thing was that she said you can contact me anytime through email and I did not hesitate. I got quite quick reply. I am so happy 😍😍😍
Absolutely fantastic service,After having an absolute horror show of an experience with an NHS clinic in Nottingham removing my implant, I was convinced that this is how it was supposed to be, however, just entering the cute little clinic puts you at ease, they offer you tea and coffee and you sit down and have a chat before anything is done, Julie had made me feel so comfortable and made the whole experience enjoyable! She was really informative and made every step simple and easy for me.Cannot recommend Enough, well worth my money and I will be using this company all future enquiries!
A fantastic private clinic. Extremely kind, warm and attentive members of staff.
I had a copper coil fitting here by Julie, assisted by Astrid, and it was the best experience. I honestly didn't know what to expect and was a bit apprehensive but Julie put me completely at ease. Full disclosure I work at Clarewell freelance but in a separate department. I know Julie is the best in the business and she has always put me at ease and made me feel welcome. Astrid was a star and held my hand when it was a little pinchy (never painful and was given anaesthetic spray). I just can not recommend Julie enough and have complete trust in her. I will be back again in 5 years!
I got my IUD fitted by Julie who was visiting the London clinic as she usually works in Birmingham. She is an amazing practitioner and you couldn't be in better hands. I was very nervous, expecting it to be very painful. She has such a kind and generous manner, she really put me at ease and took her time. The fitting itself felt more like a slight discomfort similar to period cramping. There were no sudden sharp pains or anything like that. It was completely manageable, I was amazed at how little pain I felt compared to my fears of it being awful. Wish I had done this years ago.
Amazing staff made me feel very comfortable and had me checked out and had results in 2 hours. Thank you to Dr Malu for giving me advice during consultation and putting my mind at rest.
Absolutely amazing, couldn’t fault the care you receive by the friendly staff there. Couldn’t have asked for anymore and definitely made you feel welcome and had a good laugh while keeping calm and professional with the care they provide.
I came to have a contraceptive implant removed after not being able to get a NHS appointment. Was the most painless removal I've had by far! Thank you Dr Malu and Astrid 🙂
After waiting over three months for an appointment with NHS, I decided to contact the clinic. The appointment was arranged quickly when the time was suitable for me. I had also bad experience of fitting the hormonal coil in the past so I was quite nervous. This time it was completely different. The process was very quick and painless. I definitely will be coming back in future.
After a horrible NHS experience I chose to put my trust in Clarewell Clinics for my treatment. I felt comfortable from beginning to end, respected, listened to and my concerns were validated and settled. I am really grateful for the gentle nature of the practitioner and I would be more than happy to come back in future.
I would highly recommend Clarewell Clinic— there were no long waiting lists or awkward questions so booking was very straightforward. The doctor and nurse I saw were highly professional, knowledgeable and made me feel very much at ease. The clinic was quiet and clean which made the procedure feel much less daunting.
Really good,felt comfortable and felt I was listened to and given the best possible assessment for my situation.Left feeling calm relieved and at peaceThank you doc!
Julie helped reassure me of the concerns I had and put me at ease immediately. A kind and understanding professional Julie certainly made me feel listened to and understood. I would not hesitate to recommend this clinic to anyone. An excellent service with care and understanding.
Had a routine coil removal with Julie Milsom. Before my appointment I was very nervous due to having a bad experience with getting it fitted ina different clinic. Julie made me feel very at ease and explained step by step what was going to happen. Removal of the coil was very quick and easy and not what I expected. During the appointment Julie also explained other HRT medications that are available. Julie is very knowledgeable and I will be happy to highly recommend Julie Milsom and Clarewell clinic.
Brilliant experience and practise, thank you for getting my implant out quickly and with lots of kindness
I am a huge advocate of the copper coil as birth control, but most people don’t consider it because there are so many horror stories about getting it put in (or taken out). These guys do a great job at making the process as painless and smooth as possible. I’m on my 3rd coil and this was the first time I felt properly looked after. It was done in 5 mins! Thank you 🙏🏼
Super friendly staff who made you feel at home throughout the whole experience, took no time at all and I'd recommend this clinic to everyone.
After having several bad experiences with the NHS for attempting to remove my coil I decided to go private. Best decision I had made - I was super anxious about the whole thing but Dr Praveen Jayadeva put me at ease, explained the whole process and reassured me. I could not fault Clarewells in anyway! Highly recommend
It was a completely different experience than I’ve had before with no pain following the procedure at all and only minor discomfort during the procedure. Julie was absolutely brilliant throughout the entire thing which put me at ease.
The Clarewell clinic provided a great experience from entering the clinic to leaving. I had the copper coil (5year) fitted by Dr Praveen Jayadeva. He was knowledgeable, friendly, professional and took time to put me at ease. Having had a negative experience with a previous coil fitting on the NHS, Dr Jayadeva ensured he talked me through different options of coils, as well as going through all methods of pain relief I had available to me. I was reassured that multiple options of coil were available to me, and we discussed which was my best option. My partner was welcomed in with me. The pre treatment scan was reassuring and I felt confident the fitting would be in the right place!Thank you for making my coil fitting experience much more positive! I would 100% recommend anyone considering having a coil fitting to use this clinic. It is worth the money!
Best clinic ever 💚
Brilliant service and such lovely caring staff, I felt totally at ease and could ask as many questions as I wanted and didn’t feel like they were rushing me or didn’t want to advise me of anything I felt like I had everything answered and walked away really happy
Fantastic friendly service. Very welcoming and friendly .
All the staff made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. Procedure was quick and painless. Would highly recommend.
Second time visiting for the implant. Incredibly friendly service and clearly a lot of clinical experience within the team. They managed to fit me in at short notice. Would highly recommend!
I visited Clarewell Clinic to have my Copper Coil removed. I had a bad experience with insertion so I was worried about the removal. As it turns out removal is much more straightforward. But I was very impressed with the clinic, Magdalena is excellent and really puts you at ease. She was also very informative about my contraceptive options going forward. I would definitely visit them again if I need anything else and would recommend them.
If you're thinking about getting the coil, get it ASAP.I went to Clarewell to get the non-hormonal coil fitted. I was quite nervous before going, only heard scary possibly painful things about having the coil fitted but as the only contraception without hormonal interference I felt I had no choice. Can't put into words how honestly amazing Julie is! Completely put me at ease, even having my crying 3 month old with me.. we all held him and next minute it was done. Felt absolutely nothing!Thank you Julie & Bonnie.. what a surprisingly pleasant experience 😂 would highly recommend Clarewell
Excellent service from start to finish 😁
Came for a coil replacement after a very traumatic experience at another clinic. The procedure was super quick and comparatively painless with the availability of pain relief. Definitely recommend for anyone nervous or who has previously had an unpleasant experience. The staff were all very nice and I felt well taken care of.
I have had a long history of undiagnosed female problems and have never had a good experience with NHS examinations. I was fitted with the coil during surgery so was under general anaesthetic but after an extremely difficult and upsetting first smear test my GP told me that I would not be able to withstand the coil removal and referred me to hospital. Unfortunately i was placed on an 11-month waiting list and with my coil now expired I simply couldn't wait that long for help. So we decided to go private and looked around, and I'm so glad we went with Clarewell Clinics.I was allocated to Magda who was so welcoming and approachable, she let me pour my heart and frustrations out to her before we even attempted to start the procedure. She offered me gas and air to help and waited until I was ready. Honestly, that was the first positive experience I have ever had! Magda is an absolute saint and made me feel so at ease. I felt no pain whatsoever.If you've had a traumatic experience or struggle with examinations like me, please don't hesitate to book in. It's been worth every penny.
Excellent service clean very friendly staff. The doctor/nurse that performed the procedure was very professional but also very knowledgeable and easy going.Great experience. Thank you
5* service. I was able to get an appointment the same week. When attending everyone was professional and really nice, all was fully explained to me. I had an implant removal the procedure was quick and pain free. Excellent service, would definitely use as an alternative to the NHS in the future.
Visited the Quorn clinic and Julie removed my implant. After months of waiting for an NHS appointment I was able to be seen next day here. It was quick and painless, and despite my toddler screaming the ENTIRE appointment we were made to feel welcome. 5/5
If you’re concerned about having an IUD fitted, please don’t be - book in here! Having had a very traumatic experience with the last one, I apprehensively booked in the hope that a private fitting would be better. I needn’t have worried.. I highly recommend Julie & Jodie at Clarewell. They made me feel very comfortable, no rushing, walked me through every step before & during the procedure. Julie is amazing; an expert in her field and her passion for her work is obvious. She was so lovely and made sure there was no pain. I was genuinely put at ease - Thank you so much ladies.
Had an absolutely amazing experience here for my copper IUD fitting. Julie and Shannon are so great. Julie is extremely knowledgable, experienced, personable, willing to talk through absolutely any questions and really puts you at ease. The fitting process was only uncomfortable briefly - so much better than I imagined. I felt really comfortable throughout and would recommend Clarewell to anyone!
Julie made me feel really calm and she was an expert! Would definitely recommend for coil removals - so quick and easy! Thank you.
10/10 would recommend to anyone,Dr Malu was amazing. Made you feel comfortable and at easy answered all my questions and was overall great !
I visited the clinic to get my contraceptive implant removed. I rang up on a Saturday and they saw me an hour later. I am so glad I booked an appointment here, Julie is wonderful. She is so warm and kind and that instantly put me at ease. She answered all the questions I had, and not once did I feel rushed or that I was asking too many questions. 110% recommend!
I recently booked an appointment with Clarewell Clinics for a copper IUD fitting, and it was the best decision! Both Julie and Bonnie were amazing and made me feel so relaxed. The procedure was quick and painless, I would definitely use this clinic again in the future!
Went in for a quick check up, was very pleased with how polite, friendly and efficient the experience was. Would recommend.
A highly professional service with rapid results. Julie, the nurse, is a hugely reassuring person and a total expert, she's a star!
“Discussed some complicated problems and he did an excellent effort to find time and exlain in a really detailed and professional manner. Great work doctor. Thank you.”
I chose to go to the clinic in Quorn to have my contraceptive implant removed. Julie and the team were welcoming, helpful and professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this clinic.
For the past 4 months now I have had the worst time booking in through the NHS to get a copper IUD fitting. My first appointment was cancelled on short notice with no reason and it then became increasingly impossible to get In touch with them (my local clinic only allowing you to phone on Mondays… first come first serve with the longest queues on the phone and the final straw was putting me at the back of the queue after getting through)All this lead me to the understanding that the appointment would most likely be rushed and would have no care taken at all, I couldn’t risk my well-being as no one should and come out with an experience I would never want to voice.I took the leap and found the most local private clinic and Clarewell saved the day! The appointment was very hopeful, all my concerns and thoughts were answered and met with understanding, any worries or embarrassment was put to rest before I could think them. Julie lead the procedure with great care and reassurance and that anything I felt was valid, who also had amazing knowledge, and an assistant too who made me feel very welcomed and confident in my choice as well. The atmosphere the entire time was extremely pleasant, bubbly and shared plenty of laughs. I learned a lot of valuable information during my time there in their care and not once did I feel the need to rush me or my body into anything, everything was immaculate.I would 10/10 and 100% recommend this place to anyone, you will be taken care of here I can guarantee. Thank you for everything at my appointment, feeling better than ever! <3
After suffering with problems with my implant I wanted it removed I got put a 5 month waiting list and I honestly couldn’t handle it anymore didn’t fit my body, So I called up clarewell clinic about my problem they were so understanding and got me booked in for the next day I couldn’t have asked for better service I feel so much better in myself not been stuck on a waiting list when I was in urgent need of getting it out. The staff were lovely and Dr Manoj Malu was lovely really understood my problem and my fear of needle and honestly made me feel so much comfortable with my fear it was finished in a couple of minutes 😀 100% worth every penny better service then public ones and instead of being on a long waiting list. Recommend 💕
Very helpful and kind staff. Was a plesant experience!
Very friendly staff, Aaron Williams removed my implant. I felt so anxious, but he made me feel so at ease, he was gentle & I had such a positive experience. Thank you very much 😊
Never thought I’d be molluscum free and thought it would take years as the nhs was no help however Clare we’ll have been a amazing throughout the journey and after just one treatment after 10 weeks of healing I’m finally molluscum free 👋 best of the best so friendly and make you so welcome
I had a hyfrecation procedure on a bump on my foot done by Julie. Julie was so friendly & bubbly and put me straight at ease! She made sure I was not in discomfort and the session wasn't rushed. I'd highly recommend a consultation & treatment with her. The clinic is a lovely and welcoming environment too. 5*
Got my implant removed, the receptionist was so welcoming and bubbly. Dr. Manjo was so good with the procudure I had felt zero pain. Gave me an appointment on the same day and I recommended this place!
Outstanding Dr , l have a huge respect for Dr Malu a true expert in his field, everything was first class.. Thank you again ...
Julie fitted my contraceptive implant. Julie was amazing and she did a great job. There was no pain. Quick and easy. All the staff were kind and friendly.
I went to Julie for a coil fitting today. I wasn't sure what type I wanted and I'd had a very bad experience about 15 years ago with a copper coil.Julie was so kind and understanding, she took the time to explain the different types of coil, was very knowledgeable about the advantages and disadvantages of each and even explained what she thought might have happened to make my last experience so bad.The actual fitting it was almost painless. I was so surprised that I honestly didn't have the words to express my gratitude.I will be going back for my replacement and would recommend the service to anyone who is considering having a coil fitted.As an aside, I was also even offered an appointment the day that I enquired, which was also fantastic for me because I didn't have any time to worry or become anxious!
After researching and reading loads of reviews of clinics. I decided on Clarewel Clinics for my coil removal. I had previously had an awfully traumatic removal experience NHS and to say I was nervous about the removal procedure is an understatement.The receptionist was extremely friendly and pleasant on arrival. I met Julie for the removal who I have to say is AMAZING, she is warm, caring, understanding, calm and patient. Julie explained everything in detail about the removal procedure and took time to listen to my fears. She was extremely reassuring and very understanding. Julie's caring compassionate manner made the whole process so easy. I felt no pain at all during removal, I was so shocked as my prior removal on the NHS had been horrific. I felt quite overwhelmed with relief afterwards and was given a lovely hug from Julie. Although Julie is extremely professional she is so reassuring, approachable and caring which makes the whole process seem less clinical. I 100% recommended Clarewell Clinic and it has to be said JULIE IS THE COIL QUEEN!!!!A huge thank you.
Julie and Jodie are a dream team! Both such lovely ladies and instantly made me feel relaxed and comfortable. Julie took the time to explain and talk me through the coil fitting, and never made me feel rushed or in a hurry. Couldn’t recommend the clinic enough. Thanks ladies!
Don’t let embarrassment get in the way of being checked. Great place to go staff are lovely and the support was exceptional. Results were in really quickly .
Julie is an angel on earth.Very warm welcome,kind,caring ,gentle and informative.I was so nervous coming to the appointment but the coil fitting was so quick and painless.Outstanding serviceWould highly recommended.Oh and you will get a free hug too 😉
Kind and comforting doctors as well as the employees. Especially Dr. Malu, great service! Thank you.
Well Julie is a mircal worker! Today I had my copper coil removed and a hormone coil fitted. The first experience of having a coil was an awful one for me and I was terrified of having it changed. Julie made me feel completely relaxed and talked me through the whole process and everything went at the speed I was comfortable with. I couldn't recommend her enough! The whole experience has changed the way I feel about having a coil fitted and would tell anyone to go see Julie if they want any form of contraception fitted. Julie I can't thank you enough xx
I visited Clarewell for my 2nd implant removal and refit. The staff are always friendly and answer emails quickly. Mr Phillip Black did everything perfectly today. He explained the procedure thoroughly and carried out the treatment professionally - with no pain!Thank you again 🙂
I visit the Birmingham Clinc ! They deserve 6 🌟
I called the London Clinic and got a same day appointment.Excellent Service.Very professional and polite front line staff.Dr Malu was very understanding and a good listener, very professional and put my mind at ease.Dr Malu is very friendly and approachable. I was not rushed throughout my appointment.I highly recommend Clarewell Clinics
I came to the clinic with my partner as she was nervous and having a copper coil fitted. Neither of us really knew what to expect.From the start the staff were brilliant and really welcoming and put her at ease. She had Julie perform the procedure, who was absolutely amazing. Extremely suprised how good the service was. Even the price for what she got was brilliant. Couldn't have asked for more and I would recommend to anyone.
Fantastic service such bubbly and lovely people. My girlfriend had her implant out and they were great gave us lot's of advice and made her feel comfortable throughout.
I visited the London clinic. The premises is very clean and pleasant. The office manager is a lovely young lady that welcomes you.My son was seen by Dr Manoj K Malu. He was very pleasant, considerate and offered a spectrum of solutions. The procedure was safe and fast and the end results were perfect. I would howl heartedly recommend the clinic. They freed my son of a problem that weighed down on him for years. I am very grateful. Thank you!
Had a contraceptive implant removal/ refitted here at this practice today.Very professional service with wonderful staff. Highly recommended.
Lovely clinic, absolutely amazing service. Both Jodie & Julie are lovely ladies giving a warm welcome and making me feel instantly at ease!After spending the day thinking the worse and how painful it was going to be to get my implant taken out, it was absolutely PAINLESS. I felt nothing at all! It was all over and done with super quickly.Excellent experience & would definitely recommend Clarewell, especially to anyone who gets nervous!Thankyou ladies 🙂
Had my coil fitted today with the lovely Julie, the actual fitting wasn't bad at all and I was put instantly at ease. Julie really took the time to answer any questions I had and to reassure me. Want to thank everyone at the clinic for such a positive experience, I would highly recommend!
I decided to do my cervical screening privatly after a negative experience at my GP. Clarewell Clinics created a very welcoming and supportive evnironment for me during the procedure. Strongly recommended
Very helpful and friendly staff. Made me feel extremely comfortable and procedure was very simple. Highly recommended.
Absolutely amazing clinic!Both Jodie and Julie are such lovely ladies, going above and beyond to give you not only the best healthcare but to give you that home comfort too.From someone who dreads the worse when having the implant removed and refitted, Julie couldn’t make me feel more comfortable. Over and done with in a blast, no pain felt at all - just the bubbly chit chat you can always expect with Julie putting you at ease. I will never go to anyone else.Such a relaxing relaxing environment from the moment you step into Clarewell clinic.Will forever recommend Clarewell clinic - not only for the outstanding service but for the lovely ladies!
Amazing service by Julie! Julie made me completely relaxed for my coil fitting appointment. Very informative and extremely gentle. Would definitely recommend!
I felt really compelled to write this review. I made this appointment after my GP was unable to fit a coil for me. This procedure, which I had previously done years ago had still left it’s mark and to say I was nervous was an understatement. However the second after meeting Julie Milsom my worries vanished. Julie is amazing, truly special. She talked me through everything she was doing and it was all over before I knew it. I can honestly say I have never felt more comfortable being so vulnerable. Being able to laugh and chatter through a coil fitting is an art form in itself. Bravo Julie. Also a shout out to Katie whose twinkling eyes kept smiling at me as she calmed me down so thank you both for your kindness.
Went for a Klyeena coil check up after having a few concerns. My own GP was not giving me an appointment, so decided to go to Clarewell Clinics after reading all the great reviews. Excellent service, both Jodie and Julie are very friendly. Julie gave me all the info I needed and helped me feel more reassured. Thanks!
Super friendly staff and positive experience! Reception staff were friendly and put you at ease and both Dr Malu and Aaron were approachable, professional and made you feel in safe hands. Would recommend to anyone considering going 🙂
Great friendly service and a very professional approach 🙂
Had a copper coil fitted here today & I was so impressed with the service. The procedure was explained to me as well as options about which coil to use, and the whole process was really relaxed and friendly. Really professional, I would thoroughly recommend this clinic to others.
I visited the Birmingham clinic for a copper coil fitting today and the service was 10/10. The 2 ladies on reception were so chatty and welcoming and Julie who fitted my coil was fab, very funny, bubbly and highly skilled, the coil fitting procedure was painless. Katie her assistant was lovely too, great at keeping me talking to take my mind of things. I will definitely be recommending this clinic to anyone who needs it
Julie and Jodi are both super kind and nice. My wife was very panic before she went fot the coil removal. Julie calmed her down with nice clear instruction and helped extra miles. A very pleasant experince. Thank you Julie and Jodi.
A very pleasant experience. Very professional staff. Everything was explained, all my fears vanished. Treated me extra nicely. Can highly recommend this place.
Jodie and Julie are amazing, I was 30 mins late for my appointment(I thought it was at the wrong time) and it was no problem, they made no fuss and got me straight in, lovely ladies as well, made me feel at ease and it was quick and painless. Really recommend going, car park space and they offer sweets!!
A great friendly, quick access and professional place. Very efficient and took my stress away. I would recommend for anyone looking for advice and contraception options.
After struggling to get an appointment in my area, I found this clinic, and thank goodness I did. What an amazing friendly team, delivering a fantastic service.
Clarewell Clinics helped me with the contraceptive implant. It was very efficient upon booking, being able to book an appointment for a few days later. When I arrived at the clinic I was greeted so warmly and taken into the room where I was met by Julie - she is an amazing lady, makes you feel comfortable and went above and beyond to meet my needs. Thank you very much for your services.
Absolutely fantastic , first class and discrete service. Professional and clean premises, friendly staff, very knowledgable. Explained procedure throughly. (Coil fitting) unable to get on NHS waiting for over a year for service. Appointment and seen in less than 2 days. Would definitely recommend.
I cannot speak highly enough of the staff and the treatment received at the clinic. I was immediately made to feel at ease, the procedure was explained clearly and the nurse was fantastic. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the clinic to anyone seeking treatment.
Went to have a coil fitted for the firsttime, Julie and Jodie made the whole experience verty comfortable and made sure I was okay the whole time! Very efficient and quick service (was seen within 2 weeks of enquiring). Lovely, chatty and brilliant service. Would definitely go back.
Booked in to the quorn clinic for a coil removal and Julie was quite honestly the friendliest, nicest person I think I’ve ever met. She put me at ease immediately and was chatty all the way through, let’s face it the silences when having a procedure down there can be really awkward! But none of that with Julie, with the whole procedure being done within a couple of minutes. 5 star service. Highly recommend this lady
Myself and my daughter had to visit Clarewell Clinics due to our GP refusing to do routine appointments any more. What can I say but what a fantastic organisation. From the reception staff to the clinical staff, everyone is very friendly, welcoming and professional. Julie is amazing. The tablets our GP put my daughter on Julie realised were incorrect for her condition and she amended the dosage. Since then my daughter has been free of pain and other symptoms. It has been life changing for her as she was at the point where she could not walk at times and now the terrible pain in her legs has gone. For myself Julie has helped me recognise the correct medication I should be on for my age. She is extremely kind, patient and her clinical knowledge is unrivalled. We feel very blessed to have found Julie and wouldn't return to the GPs now for specific queries purely because we trust Julie above anyone else.
I went in to have my implant removed, got booked in very quickly - my appointment was within the next 3 days (unlike NHS telling you to wait months for this type of service). Julie is very friendly and knowledgeable person, I definitely felt reassured and at ease when talking with her about my concerns. Overall had a very nice time with nurse Julie, she's very chatty, warm and professional all at the same time! It will definitely make your visit more relaxed. Would highly recommend Clarewell Clinics!
I visited the clinic to have my regular smear test. The clinic is located in beautiful surroundings, with plenty of car parking. The staff were extremely welcoming and friendly whilst remaining professional and I immediately felt at ease. I would highly recommend Clarewell's to others and will definitely return myself.
Julies the best!
Excellent service! I was made to feel extremely comfortable. Highly recommend.Thank you!
Can't recommend the clinic highly enough. I wanted my coil out to try for my first baby but with the current lockdown, my GP wasn't able to offer me an appointment. I called Clarewell on the Monday and they could get me in the very next day (I actually ended up choosing a Thursday appointment because of prior commitments).Everything was really Covid-friendly - I parked up and the receptionist came to my car to let me know when they were ready for me. Masks were worn by everyone at all times.My appointment was with Julie Milsom and she was excellent. So friendly and chatty, and really efficient. I was in and out within ten minutes.The price was fair, I thought, at £150.00 for the appointment.The only negative I would say is that the clinic is not clearly signposted; I wasn't sure I was in the right place when I parked up, despite getting a text message telling me where to park. I thought I'd pulled up at someone's house! However, I called the clinic to query this when I arrived. and the receptionist came out to give me a wave to let me know I was in the right place.
It was my first time at Clarewell Clinics and I can’t rate it highly enough! The man who greeted myself on reception was so friendly and Julie was lovely too, instantly putting me at ease. My implant removal was painless and wasn’t rushed, Julie had plenty of time for a good chat!Very COVID secure, waited in the car and collected when clinic was empty. Masks worn by all staff.
Went to have my implant removed by Julie Milsom, she was so lovely and I felt completely at ease and she was so lovely to talk to you, would highly recommend, thank you clarewell clinics
Excellent service! J. Milsom was lovely and made me feel very relaxed, would 100% recommend.
My visit at Clarewell Clinic One Ash was a great one. Julie Milsom who I had seen there is a life saver!I had a horrendous experience somewhere else, prior to going to Julie at One Ash, to remove an implant. I was left with more than half the implant left in my arm after a poor attempt to remove it all. I reached out to Julie who was immediately appalled with the service that I had received and was quick to book me in to have it all taken out. The service was handled very professionally and I was made to feel at ease throughout the whole process. I highly recommend them.
Visted to have implant remove. Julie was amazing, reassured my daughter as was very nervous..Julie talk everything through making us feel very comfortable, very professional .Would highly recommend Clarewell clinic ....
I can’t speak highly enough of Julie, the warmth in her approach puts your mind at ease immediately. An extremely professional and effective clinic, would highly recommend it.
I wish there were more places like this! No need to wait weeks for an appointment (unlike NHS sexual health clinics). Julie was wonderful.
Very helpful from Julie. Delivery all the test for me and decrease my worrying. Song
Julie was lovely, very professional and down to earth, she puts you at ease straight away!She was great with my strange needle request as I’m not great with them!I think she went above and beyond to what my expectations were.Will definitely return for routine check ups.
Got my implant fitted here and it was such a nice experience. I’m afraid of blood but Julie put me to ease and she was very kind and helpful. Would recommend to anyone
fast , friendly and efficient what more can you ask for.Very satisfied.
We found the staff very friendly and professional.They explained what to expect during the procedure and after and I felt confident and relaxed at all times.Thankyou x
I had a wonderful experience going to see Julie and Karen, they were very professional but also very friendly. They immediately put me at ease and talked me through everything they were doing. I would highly recommend them.
I absolutely cannot recommend Clarewell Clinics enough. This Tuesday just gone, I attended clinic for some concerns I had and saw Julie. Other reviews that I had read previously had all praised Julie, and after spending an hour with her on Tuesday afternoon, I was and still am overwhelmed with gratitude that I had been booked with her. Julie made my very worrying situation much easier than I could have ever imagined. She gave me every bit of information I needed, answered every question I had (even if I'd asked it already) with patience, kindness, and honesty, and she treated me with a wonderful amount of respect. I shall always be grateful to her for making my burden a lot lighter to carry. Thank you so much Julie, thank you so much Clarewell Clinics.
I was seen by Julie for my implant removal. Julie was kind and professional. She put me at ease and removed my implant painlessly. I would thoroughly recommend seeing Julie.The clinic was clean and calm. It was a nice environment to be treated in.
I am very happy with the level of service that was provided. on both appointments I was seen straight away, no waiting around. very friendly staff, I couldn't of asked for more. Do not hesitate you are well worth the money. Big thanks to Dr Malu
The doctors here were fantastic. They treated me very quickly in a professional and highly competent manner. I would certainly recommend this clinic. They reassured me and addressed all of my concerns very patiently.
Thank you to the fantastic dr kumar and the team, they put me at ease and treated me with total respect. My treatment was done within an hour. I had previously had nhs treatment which hadn’t worked. I would recommend anyone with stds to contact clarewell.. thank you all who have helped me
Excellent service and brilliant facilities. I cannot praise Dr Manoj enough for his efficiency, as well Dr Kunur for his expertise. Both highly capable surgeons. I can truly say it was a job well done and I would recommend to anyone looking for treatment to visit this clinic. Once again thank you so much for everything.
Clinic was very clean staff friendly , went for coil removal as nhs failed to find strings and I had already had a scan , I think price was a lot more just have another scan and removal at same time then price for just removal the Dr was very friendly and did put my mind at ease ,lots of sweets they didn’t mind that was running late made time to see me overall a great experience only thing didn’t like was not being told how much was going cost me for a std check whilst there and then being surprised by price afterwards think the prices should be clear and available to see In case you want something else whilst there .
Scammers, I have been asked to pay on site £ 500 for the service provided to receive the results within hours.I have been waiting for more than 5 hours and have not received anything yet.I have been trying to contact them via phone or email, but they disappeared.I am extremely disappointed with the whole experience.Apalling.

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