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HPV Management

There is no cure for the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Instead, treatment focuses on how best HPV can be managed.

Please note that this page refers to the treatment of HPV itself and not genital warts treatment.

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The Process

Receive your results

You will receive your HPV results within 2 weeks.

Follow Up Call

You will be able to discuss what the results mean (whether you are positive or negative), what this means for you, and discuss a plan of action moving forward.

Further Actions

You may continue to monitor your health and practice safe-sex with your partners.

We follow guidelines set by

Medicine is a complicated subject and sometimes these guidelines don’t always hold the answers.

For example, treating an STI in a patient who has developed a resistance to routinely used antibiotics.

Unlike most private clinics, we have medical consultants here to help you navigate through such problems and get you on the right track in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can HPV be cured?

No. There is no current cure for HPV. You are able to manage the symptoms of the virus depending on what type of HPV you have.

It is important that you do not panic if you have tested positive for HPV, and that you understand what a positive result means for you. Not everyone with low-risk HPV will develop genital warts, and not everyone with high-risk HPV will develop cancer.

It is possible that you may clear the virus naturally, especially those individuals who are generally young and healthy.

What happens if I have symptoms after finishing my treatment?

For low-risk HPV you may experience a recurrence of warts after finishing your treatment.

If you have used topical creams you may want to discuss other options with your local GP or health-care provider. You can also use hyfrecation as a treatment option for the immediate clearance of warts.

It is important to note that hyfrecation does not permanently remove warts as it is not able to treat the underlying cause (which is the HPV infection).

If warts recur after a few months following your hyfrecation procedure, it may be worth booking in for another set of treatment.


Doctor Consultation £150

HPV Testing £250

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Page reviewed by Dr. Manoj Malu (Clinical Director)

Last reviewed date: 1 September 2022
Next review due: 1 September 2025

Whilst this content is written and reviewed by sexual health specialists, it is for general guidance only. It is not intended to replace the advice of your clinician.