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Hepatitis B Testing

Window Period. 28-160 days

Sample(s) required. Blood from vein

Biological Marker. Surface antigen

Accuracy. Approx. 99%

Time for test results. 30 minutes

If further confirmation is needed, upto 7 working days

Cost of test. £130 (or £70 with Drop & Go service)

Testing for Hepatitis B is rather easy and simple. This information will focus on the Hepatitis B surface antigen test (HBsAg), also known as the ‘Instant Hepatitis B test’.

The HBsAg test detects the presence of the virus in your body. Blood samples are the optimal sample as the Hepatitis B virus resides in your blood. If the test result is positive, the blood sample will be sent to a laboratory for further testing.

Same Day Appointments Available

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The Process


In order to be most prepared and leave plenty of time for questions & discussions, we will ask you to fill out a simple questionnaire.


We will begin by running through your medical & sexual history, offer a physical examination and discuss any questions you may have.

Sample collection

If it is still appropriate to proceed with the Hepatitis B test (and you would like to), we will take a blood sample.


Once you have received your results, we will discuss the next steps with you (inc. notifying your partners).

We follow guidelines set by

Medicine is a complicated subject and sometimes these guidelines don’t always hold the answers.

For example, treating an STI in a patient who has developed a resistance to routinely used antibiotics.

Unlike most private clinics, we have medical consultants here to help you navigate through such problems and get you on the right track in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

About The Test

How do you test for Hepatitis B?

A HBsAg (Hepatitis B surface antigen) test uses a blood sample taken from the vein. The surface antigen test detects the presence of the Hepatitis B virus within your blood.

If the result is positive, the blood sample will be sent to a laboratory for further testing to determine whether the infection is acute or chronic.

If the laboratory tests determine that the virus has resided in the body for less than 6 months and is fairly new, this is known as an acute Hepatitis B infection. A blood test will need to be done after 6 months to determine if the virus still remains.

A chronic infection means that the virus has resided in the body for more than 6 months. Most people with chronic Hepatitis B are able to live a long, full life.

Why do we take a blood sample?

Although Hepatitis B can be transmitted through semen, vaginal fluids and blood, it is a blood virus and resides in your blood. Therefore, the presence of the virus can only be detected in your blood.

When should I get tested for Hepatitis B?

You should get tested for Hepatitis B if you have known exposure (for example, if you have had sex or shared a needle with someone who has the infection), you are a sex worker, drug user, engage in chemsex, travelling to or from a country with high prevalence of Hepatitis B, or if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • High temperature
  • Tiredness
  • Pain in your stomach
  • Feeling nauseous or being sick
  • Itchy patches on your skin
  • Yellowing of the eyes and skin

Most people have mild or no symptoms but may still be infected. It is important to get tested to ensure that you are not at risk of passing the infection to others, should you have it.

What can affect my Hepatitis B test results?

If you are currently on any antiviral medications, this may affect the results. We will of course discuss this with you before we carry out the test.

How can I prepare for my appointment?

Here are a few tips on how to prepare for your appointment:

  • Try to remember (as much as possible) the details of why you are visiting. For example, if you are showing symptoms, try to remember when these started and the potential cause of exposure.
  • Drink lots of water beforehand to ensure that you are well hydrated and your veins are visible and easy to find. This ensures that we are able to take your blood sample as smoothly as possible. You do not need to hold your urine.
  • Relax, Clarewell Clinics is a safe space. Your medical history with us is completely confidential so you can be as open and honest as you wish to be with us.

What other Hepatitis B tests are there?

Apart from the routine Hepatitis B test, there are several other blood tests available to diagnose and monitor people with Hepatitis B. They can be used to distinguish acute and chronic infections.

Hepatitis B surface antibody

This test looks for Hepatitis B surface antibodies. If this test result is positive, it means that you have antibodies in your system to fight and protect you from the virus. These antibodies could be a result of having the Hepatitis B vaccine or successfully recovering from a Hepatitis B infection in the past.

Hepatitis B core antibody

This test looks for Hepatitis B core antibodies. If this test result is positive, it means that you have suffered with a past infection of Hepatitis B. The difference is that core antibodies do not protect you from the virus like the surface antibodies do. This test can only be understood in light of the HBsAg and anti-HB (HBsAb) test. Your healthcare provider will be able to explain your Hepatitis B following all three test results.

Hepatitis B E antigen + antibody

This test helps to determine your infectiousness. The presence of the Hepatitis B E antigen is associated with higher Hepatitis B DNA levels. Thus, revealing how infectious you may be.

Hepatitis B viral load (DNA PCR)

To monitor the effectiveness of Hepatitis B treatment.

Is my Hepatitis B test confidential?


All test results, and information you share with us, are confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone. We are a private clinic and therefore do not pass your information onto the NHS.

About The Results

How will I receive my Hepatitis B test results?

You can receive your Hepatitis B test results by either text or email.

Do I have to take any precautions whilst waiting for my Hepatitis B test results?

If you have been exposed to Hepatitis B within the last 2 weeks , you may consider having the Hepatitis B vaccine. This vaccine will provide you with the antibodies to protect yourself from developing a severe case of Hepatitis B.

It is essential to practise safe sex whilst waiting for your test results. This includes not having multiple partners and using condoms at all times. You should also avoid doing anything where your blood can come in contact with another individual (e.g. sharing needles, toothbrushes, body piercing jewellery).

You should also cover any cuts you may have that could easily reopen and bleed.

What do my Hepatitis B test results mean?

Before window period

After window period

Negative result

Not conclusively negative until the incubation period is covered. You will need to be tested again.

Conclusively negative and accurate. You will not need to be tested again, providing you are not exposed again.

Positive result

Conclusively positive and accurate. Your sample will be sent to the lab for further testing to understand your full Hepatitis B status.

Conclusively positive and accurate. Your sample will be sent to the lab for further testing to understand your full Hepatitis B status.

My partner has tested positive for Hepatitis B but I am negative. How?

You may have tested before the virus has time to show itself in the body, or luckily - you may have not contracted the virus. Your clinician will advise you on whether you should retest at a later date or get vaccinated.

What happens if my Hepatitis B test is positive?

If your Hepatitis B test is positive we will send your sample to the lab for further testing to determine whether the infection is acute or chronic.

Do I have to tell my partner if I test positive for Hepatitis B?

It is essential to tell any partners you may have that you have tested positive so that they can get tested and prevent the infection from spreading to other people.

How long do the Instant Hepatitis B test results take?

You will receive your results within 30 minutes of leaving your appointment.

Can another infection be mistaken as Hepatitis B?

No. DNA PCR testing is highly sensitive and accurate and will not confuse one infection with another.

Is there any other way to diagnose Hepatitis B?

No. The tests for Hepatitis B infection are based upon the presence of serological markers (antigens and antibodies) in plasma or serum. This is found only in blood samples.

Can I get a certificate of my Hepatitis B test results?

Yes, we provide a certificate of testing.

Please let us know at the time that you would like a certificate of testing and bring a proof of ID (passport or driving licence).

Next Steps 

In Clinic Care

Same Day Testing Available

Online Care

Same Day Telephone / Video Consultation


Sexual Health Consultation (inc. in test) £75

Hepatitis B surface antigen test £130

Hepatitis B surface antibody test (for immunity) £150

Hepatitis B core antibody test £150

Hepatitis B E.Antigen + Antibody Test £150

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Written by Shannon Abraham

Last reviewed date: 12 January 2023
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