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Ureaplasma Treatment

Method of treatment. Oral antibiotics

Length of treatment. 7 days

Further actions. Avoid having sex until 7 days after you have completed your treatment and ensure your partner(s) are also tested.


+ Collect In Person: London, Birmingham & East Midlands
+ Receive By Post: UK

Cost of treatment. £90 (£30 if you tested with us)

Same Day Treatment Available

Specialist & Friendly Professionals

Discreet & Confidential Service

The Process

Request Follow Up Call

When you are ready to take the next steps, we will ask you to request a follow up call from ourselves (at your convenience).

Dispense Medications

Your clinician will ring you to discuss any questions you may have and dispense the appropriate medications

Collect or Mail Treatment

You can either collect the medications from the clinic or have it posted to you.

Further Actions

You will need to avoid having sex for 7 days and ensure your partner(s) are also tested & treated.

We follow guidelines set by

Medicine is a complicated subject and sometimes these guidelines don’t always hold the answers.

For example, treating an STI in a patient who has developed a resistance to routinely used antibiotics.

Unlike most private clinics, we have medical consultants here to help you navigate through such problems and get you on the right track in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Ureaplasma be treated?

Ureaplasma can be treated, however, treatment may not always be necessary in those who have a commensal infection and are not showing any symptoms.

A commensal Ureaplasma infection signifies that the Ureaplasma bacteria exists harmlessly in the body and is not causing any complications.

How is Ureaplasma treated?

Ureaplasma is treated using a course of oral antibiotics. Typically, you will receive a 7 day course, however, the choice and duration of antibiotics depends on your symptoms and the outcome of antibiotics you may have already had.

How effective is the treatment for Ureaplasma?

The effectiveness of Ureaplasma treatment varies from 40% to 100% as Ureaplasma does not have a cell wall, which is what common antibiotics attack in order to resolve an infection.

What would cause my treatment for Ureaplasma to fail?

Your Ureaplasma treatment may not be effective if:

  • Your symptoms are not due to Ureaplasma (even if your Ureaplasma test was positive).
  • You are infected with a resistant type of Ureaplasma.
  • You develop antibiotic resistance while taking antibiotics.
  • You are not able to take the antibiotics as prescribed (you miss one or more tablets).
  • You vomit or have a loose stool soon after taking the antibiotics (this can reduce the level of antibiotics in your blood and tissues, rendering it ineffective).
  • You have sexual contact with your infected partner before their infection has been properly treated, and therefore, you are subsequently re-infected.
How long does the Ureaplasma treatment take to work?

The majority of patients will start to see an improvement in their symptoms a few days after beginning their course of antibiotics. Symptoms should be completely resolved by the time you finish your course of antibiotics, but for a small percentage of patients, this may take a few weeks.

Some patients may not experience much improvement even after completing the course of antibiotics. This may suggest that the symptoms are not due to Ureaplasma and further testing for similar STI’s may be required.

Are there any side effects?

You may experience a few side effects when taking your antibiotics, such as headaches, nausea and diarrhoea. These side effects should improve soon after finishing the course of antibiotics.

When is a test of cure recommended?

A test of cure is can be done 5 weeks after starting the course of antibiotics.

Will my partner also need Ureaplasma treatment?

Your sexual partner(s) will need to get tested. Treatment as a contact can be offered where appropriate.

How long do I have to wait to have sex after starting treatment?

Ideally you should avoid any sexual contact until you have finished your antibiotics. In most cases, this is for 7 days.

However, If this is not possible for you, then any sexual contact during this time must be protected by using condoms.


Ureaplasma Test (inc. consultation) £150

Ureaplasma Test (exc. consultation) £90

Ureaplasma Treatment £30

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Reviewed by: Aaron Williams

Written By: Shannon Abraham

Last reviewed date: 29 March 2023

Next review due: 29 March 2026

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