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HPV-Wart Consultation

We believe a thorough consultation is the most important part of dealing with any sexual health problem.

Not only does it allow us to understand the nuances of what is happening, but tailor our advice and testing/treatment options to your individual circumstances.

This helps you make an informed decision about your health and move confidently in the right direction.

All appointments are highly confidential.

Specialist Nurse Consultation: £60
For an initial diagnosis, discussion of treatment methods and HPV testing

Specialist Doctor Consultation: £125
For second opinions, same-day Hyfrecation procedure & HPV testing

If you have seen one of our specialist nurses and received a quote for Hyfrecation, then you can book in for your treatment with one of our doctors (we will not charge you a second doctor’s consultation fee).

Next Steps

After your consultation, you may decide to do one (or more) of the following:

Find the answers you need and move on with your life and relationships.

Proceed with our Instant Wart Removal by Hyfrecation for which the total cost will be given during the examination. If you have booked an hour-long doctors’ appointment, we can proceed with the procedure if it is safe to do so.

Carry out any appropriate HPV tests and/or HPV vaccines.

Understanding HPV-Warts

Sometimes the right information is all you need.

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Talking to your GP

Let us help you start the conversation.

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How is this different from an STI Consultation?

Our HPV-Wart Clinic (and Consultation) are designed to help you through any HPV & Genital Warts related problems. That means from the moment you contact us, we are in a better position to make preparations for your visit and see you through your problem.

Will I have an examination during the appointment?

If you are concerned about symptoms you have, then we will offer you a physical examination by a sexual health professional. A diagnosis may follow this as well appropriate discussions on the next steps and lifestyle advice.

A female clinician and/or female chaperone is available.

Will I be able to get treatment in the same appointment?

As of 1st of September 2020, we will no longer be offering extended consultations for guaranteed same-day procedures (in those for whom it is safe). This is due to our seeing a significant increase in the number of highly complex patients as a result of the closures of NHS clinics.

The initial consultation is approx. 30 minutes long. We will only be able to offer treatment in the same appointment if there is a sufficient amount of time left, you fully understand the cost and details of the procedure and it is safe to do so.

We trust and hope you appreciate the changes we need to make during these trying times.

How much does it cost?

Consultation: £50
This includes time for HPV tests & vaccines. Please book an 1-hour long appointment if you for the option of Hyfrecation in the same visit.

Hyfrecation Procedure: from £350

The procedure itself starts from £350 and is assessed based on size, number, location and complexity of the warts. This quote will be given in your initial consultation.

If you are experiencing symptoms,

It is important to refer to a healthcare provider as soon as possible. Our experience combined with timely detection can help avoid complications in the future.