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Rishabh Malu

Managing Director


Managing Director

Special Interests

  • Digital Marketing
  • Strategy and Critical Thinking


Rishabh Malu joined Clarewell Clinics in 2018 after finishing his MA in Philosophy from the University of Edinburgh.

Inspired by the Ancient Greek notion of the Good, he is working closely alongside his father Dr Manoj Malu (the clinical director) to establish a clinic which exists for the sole purpose of solving sexual health problems. Rishabh focuses on ensuring a seamless relationship between the clinical and business operations of the clinic.

Within 2 years of being at Clarewell Clinics, Rishabh has helped establish our clinic to patients throughout the UK. This has only, in no small part, been possible with the humanity, discipline and creativity of his colleagues.

If you are interesting in working with us (or just have an idea you would like to discuss), please do not hesitate to contact him on

Languages Spoken

English and Hindi

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