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GHP Awards 2019: Best Private Sexual Health Clinic (Midlands) Award

3rd of September 2019

This morning we are delighted to share with you the news of a recent achievement.

Clarewell Clinics has been awarded the ‘Best Private Sexual Health Clinic in the Midlands’ by Global Health & Pharma (GHP).

In the words of the awarding body:

Following a review of various online testimonials, we found the level of customer service provided by the Clarewell team to be outstanding, with repeated emphasis placed on the warm and welcoming nature of staff members who remain dedicated to making visitors feel calm and comfortable during their time at the clinics.

Research into the quality of the services provided by Clarewell Clinics also yielded pleasant findings; we were impressed with the unhurried appointment approach adopted by the clinics, designed to ensure that visitors receive informative, insightful feedback and advice from their appointed clinician.

It was also great to discover that Clarewell Clinics were represented at the West Midlands Association for Contraception and Sexual Health (WMCASH), as we feel this demonstrates the company’s commitment to sharing and acquiring knowledge that can improve and develop sexual health practice.

As you know, at Clarewell Clinics we value the importance of an unhurried appointment. It allows us the time to understand and address our patients’ worries; conduct thorough examinations (where appropriate) and administer the appropriate tests and treatment (where appropriate). This is particularly helpful to those who have been to other clinics without a solution to their problem.

Combine this unhurried approach with an experienced sexual health clinician and the right resources, our patients leave with their problems left behind. And, of course, a friendly face makes this process easier.

We thank our patients who have taken the time and effort to share their experiences via reviews and testimonials with others – it is because of this that we were considered for this award.

Our team takes great pride in what we do and we are humbled to know that others also value this. With the greatest encouragement we will continue to strive to offer the highest standard of sexual healthcare in the UK.

Once again, thank you.

Kindest Regards,
Dr. Manoj Malu FRCP
Clinical Director

From GHP

“Our awards recognise all levels and all aspects of the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, choosing to focus not just on the obvious candidates – the practitioners and scientists at the cutting edge of these rapidly evolving industries – but also on the supporting cast – from nurses, architects and product designers, to legal specialists and top-level corporate decision makers – without whom many of the life-changing innovations and developments we see on an almost daily basis would simply not be possible.”