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Syphilis – A virtual refresher for clinicians

Saturday 28th of August at 3:00pm BST via live Zoom call

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Syphilis has made a spectacular comeback in the last 10 years in the UK, and has become a real public health challenge. With its myriad presentations and multi-system involvement, it can present to any practitioner, whether in primary care or specialist practice.

“He who knows syphilis knows medicine” said Father of Modern Medicine, Sir William Osler, nearly a century ago. This webinar will be a great opportunity to sharpen your understanding of syphilis.

We enthusiastically invite you to this webinar with our Clinical Director Dr Manoj Malu and Dr Paul Schober. Between them, they have nearly 60 years of clinical experience in the field, and they will cover the current prevalence, common clinical presentations and tips on avoiding diagnostic delays.

Relevant for

Healthcare professionals

Time & Date

Saturday 28th of August at 3:00pm BST

(Virtual) Location

Live Zoom call

Length of seminar (CPD)

2 hours

Areas we will cover


Epidemiology: past and present


Clinical presentations


Better history taking


Syphilis serology


Treatment options

About the speakers

Dr. Manoj Malu is a Consultant in Sexual Health & Clinical Director at Clarewell Clinics.

He has been dealing with HIV since 2000 when the first effective medication for HIV management became available.

In this time he has looked after 1000s of HIV positive patients, taught doctors, nurses and medical students about HIV and helped to better understand the anxiety that affects patients with negative HIV results.

In addition to this, he is one of the early adopters of HIV-1 RNA PCR testing for the early detection and intervention in sexual health clinics.

Dr Paul Schober qualified in medicine at St Thomas’ in 1977 and started work in Sexual Health there in 1981.

During that first job her met a patient called Terence Higgins who died with the Professors all saying that they had never seen an illness like his.

Completing his senior registrar job at University College Hospital, he started as a Consultant in Leicester in 1987. After 27 years in this post, he retired in 2014  disillusioned with the changes in the health service.

He now focuses on the teaching of medical students, midwives and Nurse Practitioners at De Montfort University.

One particular focus is on “Clinical Diagnostic Reasoning” due to concerns of poor clinical skills as demonstrated recently by two episodes of “Diagnosis detectives”.

Additionally, fascinated by the advances in wearables, deep learning and screening for the gene drivers of malignancy, Dr Schober also teaches on “Computationally Intensive Medicine”.

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