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Change in HIV Window Period – A Clinical Perspective

As of September 2020, the guidelines on the window period for HIV testing has changed from 28 days after possible exposure to 45 days. Whilst this change is still becoming a part of daily practice within clinics throughout the UK, the reasons for this, and its implications, remain unclear amongst clinicians in sexual health.

In order to facilitate the adoption of this new guideline (with seamlessness), we will be holding a virtual seminar for our colleague nurses and doctors.

We very much look forward to seeing you all at this virtual event.

Relevant for

Healthcare professionals and HIV eradication advocates

Time & Date

Thursday 14th Jan at 7:30pm GMT

(Virtual) Location

Live Zoom call (details will be sent by email 1 week prior)

Length of seminar (CPD)

1 hour

Topics we’ll cover

  • Changes in BHIVA guidance
  • Reasons behind the change
  • Implications for patients

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About the speaker

Dr. Manoj Malu is a Consultant in Sexual Health & Clinical Director at Clarewell Clinics.

He has been dealing with HIV since 2000 when the first effective medication for HIV management became available.

In this time he has looked after 1000s of HIV positive patients, taught doctors, nurses and medical students about HIV and helped to better understand the anxiety that affects patients with negative HIV results.

In addition to this, he is one of the early adopters of HIV-1 RNA PCR testing for the early detection and intervention in sexual health clinics.

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Changes in HIV window periods (A virtual seminar by Dr Manoj Malu, 14th January 2021)