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Lectures in Sexual Health

We believe that in order to offer our patients the highest level of care, it is essential that we reflect on our practices and share this knowledge with others.

We will be covering important changes in guidelines, new and profound research & dealing with complex patients.

Our seminars are designed for healthcare professionals and will be offered free of charge.

We, of course, welcome individuals who do not work in a clinical setting but are none-the-less interested in sexual health.

August 2021: Syphilis – A virtual refresher for clinicians

Speakers: Dr Manoj Malu & Dr Paul Schober

“He who knows syphilis knows medicine” said Father of Modern Medicine, Sir William Osler, nearly a century ago.

This virtual lecture will be a great opportunity to sharpen your understanding of Syphilis.

January 2021: Changes in HIV window periods

Speakers: Dr Manoj Malu

We will be discussing the reasons behind the change in the new HIV window periods and its implications for clinicians and patients.

It is open to all and will be carried out virtually.

March 2019: HPV – Warts, Cancer, Vaccine: Where are we now?

Speakers: Dr Manoj Malu

A journey from HPV latent infection through to HPV malignant disease