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Vicky McKenzie

Specialist Nurse in Sexual Health

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Specialist Nurse in Sexual Health

Rn. Dip. He


Special Interests

  • Sexual Health & HIV
  • HPV & Genital Warts

Key Achievements

  • Mentorship of sexual health nurses & assistants
  • Managing a satellite clinic


Vicky McKenzie began her nursing career in the speciality of Gynaecology in 2000. She focused on emergency Gynaecology which involved nursing patients brought in for problems such as miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies, with a strong undercurrent of untreated STIs.

After working in the speciality of Gynaecology for 8 years, Vicky decided to develop her clinical expertise by joining a busy Sexual Health clinic where she currently manages patients with a range of sexual health problems.

Half way into her Sexual Health career, Vicky assisted her colleague consultant in opening a satellite clinic which she also ran for a few years. In addition to this, Vicky updated the chapter on ‘Sexual Health’ in the Oxford Handbook of Women’s Health Nursing and added content on Mycoplasma genitalium and PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis).

Aside from being highly adept in managing sexual health problems, Vicky has a most genuine and down-to-earth approach which brings patients back to see her. If you are worried, anxious, scared of visiting a sexual health clinic, Vicky’s approach will make your experience as easy and reassuring as possible.

Vicky’s next steps are to improve the level of knowledge and understanding of HPV and associated conditions to wider healthcare professionals through seminars and courses.

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